Monday, September 12, 2011

September 6, 2011

Hello Peoples,

It was transfers week but I was not transferred and I am still with Sister Madsen in Rancho Santa Margarita. Because it was transfers week, all of our mail was held until tomorrow, so any letters sent in the last week, I have not gotten yet. I will get them Wednesday and won't be able to write back until next Thursday. Lo siento! I promise, any letters I get I will try to write back so don't think I am ignoring you!

Anyway, last week we extended two baptismal invites to both our progressing investigators. We didn't set an official date for either one of them, but we are in the process of them praying about it and decided what date they feel comfortable with. We also had a 14-year-old boy walk in to Church, already having read the entire BOM [Book of Mormon] and wanted D&C [Doctrine & Covenants] and POGP [Pearl of Great Price]. He is golden, but he is a little iffy about taking official discussions. We will work on him haha.

Last week I wrote about how much I cry and I read a quote in the Ensign which I loved. It said, "He [Jesus Christ] came to wipe away our tears, not to ensure that we would never weep." So it's ok that I cry all the time!!  And I do lots of praying to help me with that. I love the Ensign. It's like my fix of People magazine or Us Weekly, just a little more spiritual. I read it cover to cover and would def. recommend doing it. It's so good!

I accomplished my goal and finished the Book of Mormon on Sunday. Now I am starting it and marking all the references to the Godhead, all Christlike attributes, gospel teaching, and God and Jesus directly speaking. It's crazy how much "Lord" or "God" is said on one page. And it's a lot of fun reading with a purpose. My BOM is going to be sick when I am done with it - it will look awesome!

I had a couple funnies this week. Many of them are things you had to be there for, but one of them was particularly funny. My comp and I were doing companion study and we were doing an activity from PMG [Preach My Gospel]. I was assigned to look up some scriptures and talk about them in context and the importance of them. So I look it up and it's the story about the woman who committed adultery and Jesus told everyone who was clean from sin that they could throw the first rock to punish her etc etc. I was excited so I said to my comp "oh I love this story!" and then read the scriptures I was assigned later in the chapter and in my head I was like "WTF...I don't understand this at all, how does this even relate to that story??" but I didn't want to look dumb so I just tried REALLY hard to understand it and talk about them. So then I started sharing my verses and Sister Madsen is like "wait...what???" and we realized I was working on the wrong scriptures!! The whole time in my head, I was like this is making NO sense but I tried so hard. And Sister Madsen thought I had just stopped to read the story about the adulterer because she knew my verses didn't have anything to do with that story, so it was just a whole bunch of embarrassing confusion. Ha. I felt like an idiot.

Something really cool that happened was I met someone who served his mission in NY in the 90's and he was like "yeah I served in the ward of the vice president of Kodak" hahah. I was like THAT WAS MY GRANDPA!!!! It was soo funny!!! I was so happy. He told me about how he asked Grandpa what he looks for when he hired employees and Grandpa's answer was "they have to have had an education" and then he told me how Grandpa was like a region rep. for the Church and he got in a fight with the bishop AND how one time Gram and Gramp were talking about the newest sports car Grandma wanted. I laughed. Gram and her sports cars....Such a small world! He said Grandpa was awesome and would feed them every single month. I wanted to keep talking with him but we had another appointment. He was Elder Toomey back in the day.

Anyway, this is a long email with not much missionary information, but that's because we have a small investigator pool at the moment so a lot of our time is spent contacting and visiting formers and getting lots of rejection. Gotta love the rejection! And we do service.

We had a fun Labor Day BBQ with some of our members, and Sister Madsen and I worked on our missionary rap. It's gonna be legit.

Love you all,

Sister Christensen

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