Monday, October 29, 2012

October 23, 2012

The highlight of my week was that my former investigator, Jennifer, from San Clemente, decided to be baptized! I got permission and went down on Saturday night. It was so awesome! I got to see Sister Andrus and Jennie (my RS President), Shauna and Breanna (from the Vista YSA ward)! And all my old peeps from San Clemente! It was so fun and such a boost for the week. I am so glad Jennifer made the decision to be baptized. There is such a special spirit present at baptisms that I love, love, love to feel!

The Church is true and is such a blessing. We had a RS activity this week, that was centered on scripture study and getting the most out of reading. There were five mini-lessons, each with a different emphasis. It made me so excited for my future family and implementing the scriptures as a daily part of our lives. My parents set a great example for me because I would randomly see them studying the scriptures each day and I knew that it was important. Although family scripture study was a disaster 5 out of 7 days of the week, it still made the difference because it stuck with me and was important to our family!

Hope everyone is doing well. Loves!
-Sister Christensen

Jennifer's baptism!

My homies

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012

Tuesday we had zone activity. We split into team blue and team white and played a bunch of games. It was fun, to say the least.

Wednesday and Thursday we had sister exchanges. Sister Semones came into Laguna with me and Farmer went to Mission Viejo with Sister Somers. It was fun and keeps missionary work interesting.

Friday we had weekly planning and met some awesome people who I really liked. That's always a plus.

On Sunday I met the sweetest dog ever that I really, really wanted to take home with me. He reminded me of my Tessy from home. It made me slightly homesick, ahh, I loved him so much!

Monday was full of lessons and keeping busy. I signed the mission dresser yearbook...and overall it was a good week.

Today during studies, I studied repentance. Did you know in the dictionary the word "repent" is a verb? When I was younger there was this big campaign for kids called "Verb: it's what you do" and so when I saw that "repent" was a verb, I thought "it's what you do." I tied it into Holland's talk from Conference last week, "The first greatest commandment", in that if we truly love our Heavenly Father, then we should all be repenting regularly and showing God that we do love him above all. And that love should manifest itself in our actions. Repentance in my mind also means change...I am far from perfect so I should be striving to change each and every day. This might have been jumbled, but I enjoyed my studies and thought I would share.

So repent cause the Church is true.
Love, Sister Christensen

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 9, 2012

We did a lot of service this week. I really love to organize because it helps me de-stress, and I got to organize one of the messiest rooms I've encountered on my mission. It took about six hours over the period of two days, but it was so beautiful by the end! I was very proud.

We also got a handful of potential investigators who will hopefully bloom into for-real investigators asap. Over the weekend, Conference was wonderful. I especially loved the Saturday morning and Sunday morning sessions. I took lots of notes and cannot wait for the Ensign issue! On Saturday we had a zone lunch which was fun, and yesterday we were super busy, I was exhausted by the end of the day.

I didn't take too many photos this week, but here is what I got - 

1. Zone lunch--this was only half the group

2. My district

3. Me and my companion....JK.

End testimony, "I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it." The Church is true.

-Sister Christensen

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 2, 2012

Today will be a blog email via pictures and comments..

1. On Thursday night our recent convert, Tammy, told us to come over for a light snack, and to say "goodbye" to her dad, who was leaving back for Iran on Sunday. Earlier we had eaten a full dinner and dessert, plus a second dessert at another members' home. We showed up at Tammy's house and apparently by light snack, she meant full Persian feast. I literally said a prayer in my head as I looked at the food, that my stomach would expand. They were so excited about our meal and feeding us, so I did it! I ate a lot of interesting food that I otherwise would never eat, but I love them! I would upload a video I have from it, but the computers are slow. Needless to say, I think I gained three pounds that day.

2. On Friday Laurie and Dana came to take us out to lunch. I've missed them. Has it really only been 10 days?!

3. I saw this license plate while driving. I think God is cheering me on. This has easily been the hardest transition in my mission.

4. We went to a 13 yr old's birthday party on Saturday night. We were doing service, helping set up, and fellow shipping a bunch of non-members so we felt justified in participating in the fun.

That was a tour of my week in pictures. I also got to meet our investigator, Sandy, who has been on and off for a couple months. The lesson went really well, but I still can't tell how sincere she is. We'll find out! On Saturday we attended the General Relief Society broadcast, which was great. Sunday was the Primary Program, which was so dang cute, and then yesterday we had an awesome zone meeting which boosted my spirits. The Church is still true, despite opposition.

Sister Christensen

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 25, 2012

This is weird but I really have nothing to report on! I got transfered to Laguna Nigel, Wood Canyon Ward. My companion is Sister Amber Farmer. She is 29, from Boise, Idaho/Phoenix, Arizona/SLC, Utah. She has been on her mission for ten months. If you know the color code book, we are both red/blue. It will make for an interesting companionship, but so far so good. We currently have no investigators. The first week in a new area is always slow because I don't know anyone and she has only been here for six weeks! We had a fun hoe down slash 30 yr. anniversary for the Laguna Nigel Stake on Saturday and that was great. Our ward is mostly middle aged couples with lots of kids. I really like all the people I have met so far so I am excited to see how this area progresses. It definitely has tons of potential. Also this week I finished Jesus the Christ for the second time. That book is a beast so I was pretty stoked!

Anyway, the Church is still true. I always mourn the loss of my old areas, but it forces me to do a lot more praying and relying on the Lord. I had a fabulous Sunday full of spiritual experiences and people saying exactly what I needed to hear to make it through. I am choosing faith, not fear! Party hard people, you are loved!

-Sister Christensen