Monday, October 8, 2012

October 2, 2012

Today will be a blog email via pictures and comments..

1. On Thursday night our recent convert, Tammy, told us to come over for a light snack, and to say "goodbye" to her dad, who was leaving back for Iran on Sunday. Earlier we had eaten a full dinner and dessert, plus a second dessert at another members' home. We showed up at Tammy's house and apparently by light snack, she meant full Persian feast. I literally said a prayer in my head as I looked at the food, that my stomach would expand. They were so excited about our meal and feeding us, so I did it! I ate a lot of interesting food that I otherwise would never eat, but I love them! I would upload a video I have from it, but the computers are slow. Needless to say, I think I gained three pounds that day.

2. On Friday Laurie and Dana came to take us out to lunch. I've missed them. Has it really only been 10 days?!

3. I saw this license plate while driving. I think God is cheering me on. This has easily been the hardest transition in my mission.

4. We went to a 13 yr old's birthday party on Saturday night. We were doing service, helping set up, and fellow shipping a bunch of non-members so we felt justified in participating in the fun.

That was a tour of my week in pictures. I also got to meet our investigator, Sandy, who has been on and off for a couple months. The lesson went really well, but I still can't tell how sincere she is. We'll find out! On Saturday we attended the General Relief Society broadcast, which was great. Sunday was the Primary Program, which was so dang cute, and then yesterday we had an awesome zone meeting which boosted my spirits. The Church is still true, despite opposition.

Sister Christensen

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