Monday, October 1, 2012

September 25, 2012

This is weird but I really have nothing to report on! I got transfered to Laguna Nigel, Wood Canyon Ward. My companion is Sister Amber Farmer. She is 29, from Boise, Idaho/Phoenix, Arizona/SLC, Utah. She has been on her mission for ten months. If you know the color code book, we are both red/blue. It will make for an interesting companionship, but so far so good. We currently have no investigators. The first week in a new area is always slow because I don't know anyone and she has only been here for six weeks! We had a fun hoe down slash 30 yr. anniversary for the Laguna Nigel Stake on Saturday and that was great. Our ward is mostly middle aged couples with lots of kids. I really like all the people I have met so far so I am excited to see how this area progresses. It definitely has tons of potential. Also this week I finished Jesus the Christ for the second time. That book is a beast so I was pretty stoked!

Anyway, the Church is still true. I always mourn the loss of my old areas, but it forces me to do a lot more praying and relying on the Lord. I had a fabulous Sunday full of spiritual experiences and people saying exactly what I needed to hear to make it through. I am choosing faith, not fear! Party hard people, you are loved!

-Sister Christensen

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