Monday, September 24, 2012

September 18, 2012 w/ 5 pictures!

Oh baby, we are trying to be fast today because our day is short so here goes:

Tuesday we had a fabulous district activity. A human pyramid may or may not have been involved. And some basketball stunts. I love balling with the elders. They can't touch us and they are forced to pass us the ball, so it's a lot of fun! haha.

Wednesday: We visited one of my favorite families, the Cleveland's. Sister Cleveland had her third baby in her backyard. She did Hypnobabies and totally inspired me. She is the biggest hippie I have ever met and we love her so much! Also, for dinner I got Cafe Rio!!! It's been almost a year since I have had my all time favorite, sweet pork salad. It was BTS. We ended the evening taking two huge German shepherds for a walk and giving them a bath. It made me miss my puppies!

Thursday: It was our last color for unity day at district meeting. We did red. I have loved this district a lot. We had so much fun! We had a great Relief Society activity that night and a little cake adventure.

Friday was a chill day. We didn't seem to accomplish very much...oh well. At night we watched "Legacy" with Cheyanne and Miguel. It is one of my favorite Mormon movies. Ahh! It makes me love and appreciate the pioneers soo much!! I love my heritage!!!!

Saturday was the hottest day in San Clemente in years. No bueno, but we spent the day with people we love so all's good. At 9:30pm we got transfer was a big shocker.....BOTH Andrus and I are getting white washed out!!! WTC?! We were in a state of shock for a couple hours. It was so unexpected. Three sisters are white washing in. I am thrilled NOT to be in a trio, but I wish one of us could have stayed here. We love San Clemente and we have really worked hard to make it awesome! Needless to say, we are leaving extensive notes about the area and what they need to do!

Sunday our bishopric announced over the pulpit that we were leaving and had us bear our testimonies. People were crying! It was so tender. I swear, I am not even bragging, we were super popular here. People loved us! We spent the Sunday and Monday teaching last lessons and saying goodbyes! It was emotionally draining. The best part was that we set a baptismal date with Jennifer!!!!! It was so bittersweet 'cause we are stoked for her and beyond excited, but also sad that we might not get to come back for it! Ahh! It was a great last day. We spent all morning packing and getting ready.

It's so surreal that we are both being ousted, but we are excited for the adventures that lay ahead. We keep saying "keep calm and carry on!" Life is going great. Hope everyone's week was fabulous!!

Lovies, Sista Christensen

This was the only semi-successful pyramid. There are some hilarious other ones that were not so successful...

The wonderful Barker family.

Meet Sarge and Kaya.

The transfer of faith and fun has ended!

Our favies, the Del Francia's.

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