Monday, September 10, 2012

September 4, 2012

Today feels like a bullet point day.

- Our investigator, Jennifer, is plugging along great! She had an awesome spiritual experience that really helped her realize that this is something good in her life. We are stoked. Her little boy, Nathan, is so cute and loves Church. We were able to have Jennifer come to a stake baptism and a ward party and a BBQ. She is diving right into the social world and we continue to teach her weekly. We smellll a baptismmmm!!!!!

- I don't think I have ever written this before, but I realized one reason why missionary work is so's hard because people tell us everything! Like their entire life story - the good, the bad, and the ugly. And it can put a huge damper on your Cinderella, happily ever after dream. We heard soo many stories this week about broken homes, shattered dreams, abusive relationships, rebellious children......the whole lot of them. I just wanted to crawl back into my naive Mormon bubble where everyone follows the rules and loves the gospel and their family and it's all happy go lucky! The weight of the world tests our testimonies constantly but, thankfully, it is also a reason why mine has grown stronger. More and more I have come to find that I literally cannot put my faith in anyone except Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Even the best of people can disappoint and fall short, but my faith in the gospel and my Savior just won't. My mission has taught me so much about what a good relationship, or family, or home life is all about and it sure as heck isn't about things of the world. If my mission wasn't hard, it wouldn't be worth it. Despite all the harsh stories and news we were told this week, it only solidified for me what I need to acquire, and where I need to go, to get what I expect out of life...and that is exaltation and eternal life baby! Sorry if this was a random gumble of thoughts, but there you have it.

- Saturday night we had Navajo taco night with a bunch of military wives in our ward. It was an adventure to say the least. haha.

- Hmmm, what was yellow for unity day for district meeting.

I forgot my planner in the car so I really don't remember what else we did. We had a long but very productive Labor day and we still cannot believe the summer is over. We have no idea how we survived the summer in the tourist filled beach city of San Clemente, but we loved it. We are excited to see how things change now that our ward will all be back from summer vacation and we can get to know everyone better.

Ohhh I totally forgot!! Also, on Sunday we started a 40 day spiritual fast. It was a challenge given by our zone leaders to pick ten things we want to stop doing or start doing to improve ourselves personally and as missionaries. We thought about it all week and came up with our lists. It might be TMI or weird, but I will tell the world my ten because I need to be held accountable.

1. Open doors for people. It might sound dumb, but I literally want to open the door and let others walk in first. It will help me think of other people first and it's a measurable way of doing it.
2. Be healthier. No more junk food in the house.
3. 20.20.20 - for our lunch hour I want to spend 20 minutes eating, 20 minutes studying, and 20 minutes relaxing.
4. No curse words. Even pause swears. You would think I would be over that, having been on a mission for a year, but you would be wrong. I love a good curse word every once in a while, but I am trying to break the habit haha.
5. Have a positive attitude.
6. Get up on time, I am always five minutes late.
7. Have clean thoughts and words.
8. Budget!! I am terrible at how I spend money so i am going on a budget!
9. Kill people with kindness.

Ok I forgot number 10. So annoying. I will let you know next week haha. Anyway, we are taking the challenge very seriously and we are excited to see the results! The church is true. I love it all. Party hard, get crazy, be happy.

Sister Chris

Yellow day

We went to the temple today!

Our bench, at the beach

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