Monday, September 3, 2012

August 28, 2012

Tuesday: We had such a great It was relaxing and carefree. We did some shopping at Target and gave two great lessons to end the evening.

Wednesday: We spent the whole day with ward members and loved it. I love the San Clemente ward. We have so many great people who build us up and encourage us. We had breakfast with the Del Francia's, did service for the Jackson's, had a fabulous dinner with the Faulkner's, and ended the evening doing scripture study at the Del Francia's. None of you know who any of those people are, but they are all wonderful.

Thursday: We went to an addiction recovery program. It was so interesting! We deal with a lot of people with addictions so we went so we could better understand how it works and what they can expect if people go. We joked that our addiction is overeating. Which it is.

Friday: We had sister exchanges! It was a fairly successful sister exchange for me, but we both got homesick for each other by Saturday morning. I was with Sister Lee in my area. We had a little dinner party and a wonderful lesson with an investigator on Friday night and on Saturday we had a couple lessons and did service, painting for a single sister in my ward. I picked up Andrus at four and we spent time "catching up" over cheesecake at the Del Francia's. Haha. Then we had a BBQ with our fabulous bishop and his wife. We really love them.

Sunday: We taught Primary and had two investigators at Church! Holla!

Monday: We had such a great day. We taught our investigator, Jennifer, and she is totally progressing. We found her because of a recent convert, Megan. Megan is a rockstar in terms of missionary work. Seriously, she is fearless and shares the gospel with anyone and everyone. We always say we have never met anyone in our lives like Megan and probably never will again. She is such a great example of a true disciple of Christ in doing her calling and being ready and willing to help anyone. We are grateful for her and we are excited about Jennifer. Later in the day we did service and partied at a ward activity (frisbee dodgeball anyone?).

Well, that was my week in a nutshell. Since my mid-mission crisis I have been doing significantly better. We joke about it now. And we really do love San Clemente a lot a lot. Party hard, get crazy, and spread the good word.

Sister Chris (Andrus calls me that)

Breakfast with Dana and Laurie!

Pink for unity day. We were ridiculous and wore all pink outfits. Don't worry, we didn't proselyte in those clothes.

It was time to say goodbye to our trampoline. It was emotional day haha.

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