Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 12, 2011


            Jill-I can’t remember the names of the people you told me to look for. I think you said Aubry’s name was Elder Kelly, but I haven’t seen him yet. There are seriously like 5 black people total and none of them are a Kelly. Who was the other guy?

            Family: Each week I want to try and include the funnies of the week. You might not be able to appreciate them but whatev.

1.                            1.  While teaching investigator “Brian”-we were getting tired and annoyed. We asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon to see if it’s true. Then we asked him if he knew how to pray. He said “no”. In our desire to get out of there-we all were just like “hmm..ok..well when you figure out how to do it, try it.” It was our first lesson. We felt like idiots afterward, but it was pretty funny.

2.                          2.  At lunch, Elder Bowen was talking to my companion Sister Black. He told the same story 3X in a row. In my head I was like “Wow! You just told the same story 3X in a row!” I look up at my companion and she was just like “Please, tell me that story ONE more time.” I died laughing. It was a dumb story to begin with –I just loved that we thought the same thing and she said it. He laughed about it too-no feelings were hurt.

3.                         3.  My companion, Sister Brinck, sometimes will jump into conversations and tell a story that is totally unrelated. I love it.

          It’s good to laugh but I have also had some great spiritual experiences. We have so many lessons and powerful testimonies born all day, everyday. I want to work on having a firm mind-it’s hard! (not thinking about home and worldly things). I bet it will take a lot of my mission before I can do it but I am trying.

If you have time, I would love to have this typed up and posted on the blog for my friends to hear.

Love you and miss you!

-Sister Christensen

I’ll send my memory card home maybe so you can download my pictures mom. You might need Jill or Jess to do this. It’s technical J

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