Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 19, 2011

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the dearelders! I love getting mail. It's been a good week. When I don't think about it, time flies past. I have been sick this week with a cold and my companion had an inner ear infection so we spent a lot more time in our dorm than normal. That got pretty boring but whatev. We have been teaching three "investigators" since the second day and we finally got through to our hardest one. I invited him to baptism which was pretty cool. Even though it's fake, it feel real and it's a good experience. I feel like I have learned so much in the two weeks that I have been here. Teaching the gospel is a lot easier when people tell you exactly how to do it and then follow the spirit. My companions and I don't say stupid stuff as much. We love the MTC but we are kind of ready to just get out of here and try it for real. Some days I am overwhelmed with how much I love missionary work and the gospel. The spirit and gospel can make me feel so happy!!! I love it!

I have never prayed so much in my life. We pray morning, over breakfast, lunch and dinner, during every role-play (which we role play at least four times a day) and twice with every investigator (and before we go in), then nightly companion prayer and personal prayer. It's a lot of praying!! Because we don't have any music I whistle A LOT. I don't even notice that I am whistling anymore. My companions will be like SISTER!!! ha, cause I am always whistling something. Sometimes I accidentally start doing worldly song but mostly I stick to hymns. Yesterday my companion started humming the Star Wars theme song. My other comp was like....why are you humming that. It was like on FRIENDS when Monica is humming it with all the braids in her hair and Chandler is like "why are you singing Star Wars?" I laughed. I miss FRIENDS!!

haha Dad, I smiled a lot when I read that you watched Harry Potter. That whole day I had been whining about how sad I was to miss the opening of number seven part two. I am glad you thought of me while watching!! Try and see the seventh and shed a tear for me because the EPICness is over. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!! In my journal that night I wrote "I am devastated to be missing Harry Potter. In my head it goes 1. Jess's baby 2. Harry Potter. Sad day" haha.

So far I have been able to stay really optimistic and happy. I have only had two major breakdowns and each was only about ten minutes. I am nervous about getting into the field and really freaking out so pray for me!!! My comp had a breakdown too and almost went home. I was really sad so I am very happy she stayed. I still adore my district. Shivers and Elkington are my favorite. They make me laugh. Elkington is from New Zealand and can get away with anything because of his accent. I took a video on my camera which I'll send home next time I send an SD card.

I am glad you were able to sell the dumb van!! Yay for no more green van! Ok I am out of time. Love you all and miss you. Next time I email I'll be in CA!! Holla!!!

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