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August 23, 2011 Email...with pictures!!

Hello everyone!

It's been a fast week. Our last P-day was crazy busy and then the week flew past. We had Aaron's baptism on Saturday which was awesome. I said the opening prayer haha. He is such a cool and fun guy. We hope his wife will soon be baptized but she just isn't there yet. We will continue to work with her and hopefully have her join as well. 

The morning of the baptism our car had to go into Pep Boys to get a bunch of stuff worked on. We walked over to Jack in the Box to sit and do our studies, but wordly music was playing overhead and it was so hard to concentrate. It's crazy how much I missed it! I have only been "out of the world" two months and I was like "music?!...whattt". We should have left but there was nowhere else to go and sit. I loveee music!

In my studies I am reading about Moroni in Alma and it's so awesome. Moroni is my hero. Both of them are as a matter of fact. They are so BA and just listen to God and do what he tells them and they are kept safe in their righteousness. I love it. Once I really dive into the scriptures and understand what the real message is, I get totally engulfed and love it.

Yesterday we had an eight-hour zone conference. Elder Gibbons of the Seventy came and was our main speaker plus our mission president. It was really good. It's so funny how you can learn a principle all of your life and then someone will say something and you can see it in a whole new light. There was a heavy focus on member missionary work. 40% of our baptisms come from member referrals. That is my challenge to everyone reading this. Get involved with your missionaries. Help them! Pray about it and give them referrals so that the work can progress. I love the people in my ward who are willing to work with us, encourage us, and are always looking out for opportunities to share the gospel. Every member a missionary right? Right. Haha, ok, I'll step off my soapbox now. 

Anyway, as for our other investigators, we are still working with them, but we really just need to go out and do some solid contacting and tracting. Nathan, our Bible basher, came to Church on Sunday, but as expected "he didn't feel like God was in it." He just isn't sincere at all and is reading the Book of Mormon because he promised a friend he would. We still have a "particle of faith" (Alma 32-haha) that he might soften his heart, but we might just be wasting our time. This week will really decide it. 

Our other guy, Bradley, who we found contacting, has canceled on us twice. I think he had a crush on us and then when he found out that the other guys would be coming along to teach him he is bailing. haha, I don't know, maybe not, but we still have hope for him. Although if he does get interested we have to pass him off to the singles ward elders which sucks!! I don't want to pass him off! We found him!! Passing off stinks, but I know that the singles ward would better fellowship him so I have to let it go. Oh man. 

Ricky and Meg are the Japanese family who I love, but a lot gets lost in translation. We continue to work with them and they come to Church, but we have to teach super basic and build from there. It could take a lot of work. 

My companion is still great. We both have dominant personalities which causes us to butt heads a lot, but I am def learning patience and love from her. She is a great missionary, we just see things differently the majority of the time. It's a work in progress at finding our happy medium. Anyway, the work is good. I still can't believe I'm a missionary. I look at my black name tag and I think "is this for real??" It's crazy.

Anyway, I love you all. The Church is true :) Write me!!!

-Sister Christensen 

The limo (from last email) with my comp.

My district at the Newport Beach temple.

Aaron's baptism. The guy who baptized Aaron is Brother Merrick, and his wife who I love! They just got married 7 months ago and are a couple months preggo. They are leaving for BYU-I next year. They helped a lot in fellowshipping Aaron and Jessica. We hang out with them and had FHE with them on Monday. They are both RM's. Love them!

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