Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 28, 2012 w/ a pic!

Hmm...this week....was......just...another week in the missionary field.

On Wednesday we had district meeting with our newly organized district. It's always fun getting things switched up, but then you have to get used to new leadership and personalities. It keeps things interesting. Wednesday also marks the day of my companion and I's first fight. It was a big one. We had gone a full six weeks without even arguing, but the shoe is bound to drop at some point. Anyway, it was about a bunch of small issues we have with each other that turned into one huge issue. Being a missionary is definitely teaching me how to deal with things a lot quicker even when I don't want to. So eventually we talked it out and let it go. We had a good lesson with some eternatigators (people who are investigators for years). We basically laid down our expectations, and if they don't follow through with commitments we are done with them. I am learning that there are people out there that need the gospel and I will not waste my or the Lord's time on people who aren't ready to change their life.  Done and Done. That night we went on splits and had some legit lessons. I challenged our investigator, Anai, to pray about the baptismal date of April 7th. She is awesome and is progressing so well. I love it!

Thursday we rocked out to Disney music while we did service for a ward member. We laid mulch and painted fences. It was so beautiful outside. I say that a lot, but the weather just makes me so happy! We had some awesome contacts and people kept saying "yes" and giving us their information. We were like, "what the heck...why do people keep saying yes..." haha it freaked us out. We also talked to some guy with half an eye who thinks we are controlled by aliens. Super weird.

Friday we did weekly planning all day long. We did splits again (which is when we both go with different girls so we can teach two lessons at once). We had some good lessons but nothing spectacular.

Saturday the assistants had a baptism which our investigator, Dani, came to...but she was late and missed the actual baptism. I was bummed, but at the end people bore some really powerful testimonies and it was so good. I was really glad she was there to hear it. We did some service, helping a YSA and her mom move. We had a nice dinner and taught one of my favorite returning less actives that night. That night was hump day for the Spanish sisters and almost my hump day so we had a little party. Because we love to party. We got some Ben and Jerry's and talked all night...aka till 1030 haha.

Sunday was Sunday, which means a lot of Church and meetings. We set a goal to teach 21 lessons for the week and we accomplished it! Holla! People kept canceling and changing our plans throughout the week, but we made it work. Darn straight. Also that night I got to talk to a family from my old area (long story), but they answered the phone and were like, "Who's this?" and I was like, "Only your favorite sister missionary in the entire world" and they were like, "Sister Christensen!!!!" haha It made me so happy. And made me miss my old area, but it's all good!

Monday was blah. We had district meeting in which Sister Allred and I gave a super legit training on contacting, but then the rest of the day we basically did service. I love doing service, but at the same time I like to teach and find, and I felt like we didn't accomplish much in terms of saving souls - ya know? The people we helped really needed the help, so it wasn't like we were wasting our time, but still. It felt unproductive.

Anyway, the Church is still true. Party hard.

Love, Sister Christensen

We took nine month pregnancy photos.....the other sisters needed to stuff their's to look preggo....I did not. Diet starts tomorrow haha.

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