Monday, March 26, 2012

March 20, 2012 w/ pictures

Tuesday: We lived it up at Target and treated ourselves to new outfits for Dani's baptism (which is tonight - holla!). We had a nice dinner and a lesson with Dani, which is always great.

Wednesday was such a slug day - oh my heck. We both woke up and just knew it was going to be a long and slow day. We dropped two investigators, which totally bummed us out, but we knew it needed to happen. We picked up one investigator, but that didn't even pull us out of our funk. We just wanted to be normal for the day and curl up and read a book, etc. But we survived and all is well!

Thursday I forced myself to study the topic of gratitude because Wednesday was such a bust, but still full of blessings and miracles from the Lord. I loved reading conference talks about it and have a greater desire to say thank you's and express my love for people because you never know how much it could help them. So be grateful people, you will be blessed and happier! Later in the morning we had district meeting and worked in the family history center. I like learning about my family history, but as for actually doing it, not so much. Plus on both sides of my family a ton of work has been done, so I mostly messed around with the Elders (Sister Allred was really into it haha). We had a nice visit with an old Catholic lady who chatted with us for two hours...although really she just talked and we listened so I don't know what you would call that....? I am going to come up with a word for those type of situations. Stay tuned.

We had a fun dinner and appointments all night. We dropped two more investigators officially and that was a bit of a blow, but we are turning these people over into the Lord's hands. We know if they are meant to be taught and baptized, they will come back to us! Later that night, while teaching, I felt "off". It totally freaked me out because I felt like I wasn't teaching with the Spirit. I think God was testing me. Teaching without the Spirit sucks hardcore and is so evident. I said a good long prayer that night to do better and be more grateful for the blessing I have been given.

Friday was bomb. I got to see one of my best friends from high school, Laura Duggan. We taught her the first lesson and it was so fun! I felt the Spirit and a total conviction that the gospel is true as we taught her. It was sad to say goodbye, but I'll be home in nine months - no time at all! People were worried that I would get trunky or sad, but we are far too busy with missionary work to dwell on things. Once she left we got right to work with weekly planning and appointments. We had an amazinggg lesson that night and I was so on my game and the Spirit was like whispering in my ear what I needed to say. We got to the root of issues that a less active family has who we have been teaching since I got here. Seriously, it was amazing. I was so stoked. I LOVE teaching with the Spirit. It was a lesson well learned by me because I don't think I acknowledge enough what a vital part the Spirit plays in teaching people. I went to bed very happy. 

Saturday was rainy rainy. The rain was so bad that at some points we couldn't even see as we drove. The miracle of the day was that, despite the rain and lack of appointments, we were both in great moods all day! We wore green for St. Patrick's Day, taught 3 lessons, and managed to stay relatively dry. We went out for sushi that night with a YSA girl, and overall it was a great day!

Sunday was great. We taught Gospel Principles in the family ward, which is always intimidating but went well. I love being with Sister Allred because we are so different that we make up for what we each lack. I really do love her. She is a great companion. We had an investigator at Church, taught some lessons, and ended the night visiting an inactive girl who was literally made for me. We are so similar it's crazy. She had some bad experiences with the Church and rebelled in pretty much every way that I rebelled back in the good old days. Ha. My mom is rolling her eyes. But seriously, I know I can reach her and I am stoked. I really liked her! 

The biggest miracle of the week was that despite dropping FOUR investigators (basically our entire teaching pool), we had 21 lessons. It was amazing. The Lord really does bless us and love us. We seriously don't even know how it happened, but we know that because we are obedient and doing what we should, we are seeing His hand everywhere!!!

Monday we had district meeting. My favorite elder goes home in two weeks and I am super bummed about it. He reminds me of my cousin Blaine and just makes me laugh. I will most def. miss him. But other than being depressed about that, Monday was great! We had appointments all day, the rain cleared up, and we partied hard. I went to bed last night so happy. Missions are roller coasters and currently I am having a blast. Dani's baptism is tonight. It will be awesome. I told her I might cry. Haha she will be mad if I cry because she gets emotional when other people cry! It will be legit. 

Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers!
Pce out.
-Sister Christensen


St. Patrick's Day with Dani and Baby Cami!

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