Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 21, 2012 w/ 4 pictures!

The weeks are flying past. It's insane. Ok...

Tuesday: Can I just say Sister Allred and I are ballin? Like, for real. Let me explain. On Monday our district leader approached us about a game to play for district activity. In the world, this game is commonly known as "beer pong"--it's a social drinking game, but it's actually fun even without alcoholic beverages (appearance of evil much?). Those of you who know me might be accusatory and think I came up with the game to play, but it wasn't me. It was my DISTRICT LEADER. So we were like, sure let's play. For the game, I made the shots and Allred drank the chocolate milk and soda. We beat our zone leaders AND district leaders and won the entire tournament. We. Are. Ballin. We are the only girls in our zone of like 16 people, and we won. Also we made mustaches and took pictures -- although a bunch of our district was missing. It was legit. See photos. And since it was Valentine's Day, the Spanish sisters and us went out to dinner and did nail polish and facials after nightly planning. I love living with the Spanish sisters. We find every possible reason to have little parties. Love it.

Wednesday: It was rainy. It felt like a crappy day but it totally wasn't. We had six lessons and picked up a new investigator. Funny story about that one. The lady we picked up is not in our area so we really shouldn't be teaching her. We contacted into her and passed her off as a referral to some elders. We had already given these elders two other crappy referrals, so they (in a joking manner) were like, "We don't want anymore lame referrals", so we were like, "Ok...we will make sure this one is a golden"....Well turns out she is, but now she will only allow us to come back because we formed a relationship with her. haha. Sucks to be them! I hope they learned their lesson and will now accept referrals from us, because as I said before, we are ballin.

Thursday: Oh man, I was super grumpy on Thursday. I felt bad for my companion. Sometimes I just have those days where I just am grumpy and nothing can really pull me out of it....except maybe prayer, but I was too grumpy to pray. We did service in the morning, which was awesome, and then we had lessons and dinner from 4-9. Thankfully, even on my grumpy days, the work still progresses and we get it done.

Friday: We did weekly planning. And then stole another investigator from another set of elders. But this one was seriously an accident. And kind of funny. Last week we found this name that Allred had written down but we had no recollection of who it was or when we met them. It was bizarre. We were both like, "Uh....where did this name and number come from?"....So Allred decided to call in the hopes of remembering who she is. The lady remembered us but we STILL had no idea who it was. We set up an appointment and we were hoping that when we saw her we would remember. We get into her house and we are having small talk (and I am still freaking out because I don't know who she is) when Allred whispers to me, "gas station..." And then very slowly the memory came back. It was like a 30 second contact. I saw this lady at the gas station and felt the impression to talk to her, but I was lazy and made Allred do it haha. And then I forgot about it. She has a TON of Mormon family and is super nice and interested. We tried to explain that we could not be the ones to teach her because she does not live in our area, but it didn't work. She wants us. We plan to move her over to the correct elders eventually, but currently we are investigator stealers. It's not cool, but we are all on the same team, right? (that's called justification)

Saturday was so legit. I am taking forever to write this email but I still have so many stories! I am going to shorten them....First we had a women's conference with a motivational speaker. Loved it. Then we went to a quail farm! There were 12,000 baby quails running around in a room. See photo. We learned all about quail farming and it was really fun. Then we had an AWESOME lesson with a returning less active. And then we had our ward Valentine's Day party. It was hilarious. And slightly inappropriate. They played the coconut game...where you put a coconut between two stomachs and have to get it up to your lips without using your hands....Anywho, Saturday was a party. And it was transfer calls (surprise Saturday!) so obviously we celebrated with ice cream and worldly stories. All four of us are staying in our area! Wahoo!

Sunday was Sunday. And Monday was so good. We had four great lessons. We are really getting to see the blessings of the fruits of our labors. It's so great. Missionary work is the hardest and most fulfilling thing I have done in my life. Party hard people.

Sister Christensen

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