Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 31, 2012

What a great week for missionary work! Four new investigators and a ton of lessons? Yes please.

Tuesday night we had a delicious Mexican dinner. I ate chimichangas for the first time and loved them--only to find out they are deep fried and awful for you. Just another food to add to my 13 pound weight gain. Love it! Later that night we taught our investigator Dani. We talked about gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I bore my testimony and got emotional - which has only happened a handful of times on my mission because I hate crying in front of people. So Dani should feel honored haha.

Wednesday we had four lessons, picked up an investigator and the weather was amazing. I love California. A funny story: my companion was sharing a spiritual thought with a family, but we hadn't prepared so she was just whipping one out. She was talking and looking for a specific scripture but couldn't find it. It got more and more awkward as she looked, and finally she just started reading a verse. It was Alma 14:11....about women and children being burned to death....and I was sitting there like "what is she doing and how the heck is she going to tie this into missionary work".....somehow in someway she actually made it work, but I can't even remember what she said. When we got outside she was like, "That was NOT the scripture I was looking for, but after I started reading it and realized it was wrong, I was too embarrassed to stop." haha, I laughed so hard. The Spirit really does work when we need it to.

Thursday we had EIGHT lessons. Back to back. We picked up a new investigator and overall it was an awesome day. Keeping busy keeps missionaries happy.

Friday was a weird day for us. We had a great lesson in the morning and came home, had lunch, and then I called my mission president's wife. I have been having a really hard time with my knees - the doctors think I have torn cartilage in both knees - and lately it's been particularly bad. Sister Cook talked to me for an hour, and by the time we got off the phone we had no time to start weekly planning, so we just made a bunch of other phone calls. We had a lesson with a recent convert, and then a fabulous dinner with some members. During our spiritual thought, Brother Vonswad looked at his mother-in-law and pretended to shoot her. I looked over at her and she was playing dead. They had no idea I was watching and it was just so funny and endearing. It made me miss my momma! Later that night we had sister exchanges. I went into Oceanside with Sister Gittins while Sister Allred stayed in our area with Sister Hermanson.

Saturday was interesting. It was a non-stress day for me because I don't know the area at all, so I just have to follow directions from Sister Gittins. We went to this one lady who just poured out her soul to us. Some people are so interesting. Ha. We spent the greater part of the day getting rejected and having no success. We had In-n-Out for dinner and switched companions at 7 pm. When I got home, Sister Allred had found my lost CD case. I was beyond upset when I lost it a couple weeks ago, so when she had it, it was like someone had come back to life. I wish she would have recorded my reaction. Needless to say, I was stoked.

Sunday was great. We have two wards so the greater part of our day is spent in Church. As missionaries, you have to be prepared to share a testimony or thought at a moment's notice. During third hour, our whole ward was congregated and I was called to do a reading and bear my testimony. I am definitely kept on my toes. We picked up another investigator that night, which was fabulous.

Monday we finally did weekly planning. Then we visited less active members. We found one couple who owns a quail farm! How unique! When all the little quailies hatch, they are going to take us to the farm to see them! I am excited about that. We got another new investigator who is this little old lady who dresses like she is homeless, but she is really on top of things. It's pretty funny. That night we went to the young single adult family home evening, which was way fun. I love being over a YSA ward!

Despite my knees crapping out on me, we worked hard and had fun. We have another awesome week ahead of us with zone conference and a leadership meeting and tons of people to teach. The Church is true! Party hard!

Love, Sister Christensen

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