Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 24, 2012

It was a great week!  I'll start with last Tuesday night:

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Danny. She is very serious about learning and wants to know everything before she jumps in. I love it because she understands what a commitment it is to become a member of the Church and that it is a lifestyle and not just a passing fad. They have the cutest daughter ever who always keeps us entertained. I am really growing to love them.

Wednesday: We taught lessons alll dayyy long - it was fabulous. We have an AMAZING singles ward investigator - Victoria. When we taught, the Spirit was so strong. She mentioned that when she walked into Church she felt something different and she knew it wasn't because she was cold...We had a recent convert join us in the lesson and I learned so much from both of them. Breanna (the RC) has such a beautiful testimony and is so excited and vibrant about the gospel, it's infectious. Later that day we taught our investigator, Joe, who was born and raised Catholic. We asked him why he lets us come and he said, "Because I just feel good when you are around." He is very sweet and we just hope that we can get him to come to Church and realize what his life is missing. We had a fun dinner appointment and tried waffle-iron brownies. (Brownies made in a waffle iron -- the mom got it off Pinterest -- not bad!) We ended the night with Nici and baby Amina.

Thursday was another day of good appointments. We picked up an investigator, which was awesome, and we kept really busy.

Friday was great too....ok, most of the days were awesome. We had weekly planning and then back to back lessons. We taught Danny again and it went really well. Later we saw our recent converts, Nici and Greg. Nici is hilarious. She is only 19 with a two-year-old baby, but man, she keeps me laughing. I always enjoy going over there.

Saturday was a day of rain and gloom. We literally did not have one appointment but we flew by the seat of our pants and made things happen. We attended a baptism, found a couple lessons to teach, and rocked out to some sweet music (the Spanish sisters that we live with have a Celine Dion CD and it made me very happy).

Sunday was Stake Conference. I cannot even begin to tell you all the awesome things I learned at Stake Conference. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake City -- I really enjoyed it. I learned about patience, charity, and how the small things in life are what fill us up and prepare us to meet Heavenly Father again. (That is a super lame wrap-up of what I learned, but I am pressed for time). That night we just went from house to house, visiting active families in the ward. We got a couple referrals and I feel like I am starting to connect more with this ward. I love it. I am setting my roots :)

Monday was rainy rainy so we kept busy. We had district meeting and then an appointment with a less active, Sister Roth. She is a character. She kept us entertained for sure. That night we got to go to single ward FHE (Family Home Evening), which was fun. It makes me reminisce on the good old college days.

Today we went to the San Diego temple. It's gorgeous. That's all I can say. I am sooo running out of time. I hate being on timed computers. But, the Church is true. It just makes sense. This area has so much potential and it's because these people are humble. They see past money and cars and realize there is more to life. I know for a fact that I have lots to learn down here. My companion is all rainbows and sunshine and she keeps me happy. She is obedient and hard working and I am excited to continue to learn from her. Hope everyone is partying hard and being awesome. Love ya!

-Sister Christensen

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