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January 17, 2012 w/ pictures

Warning: From now until who knows when, I will no longer be able to write as long as I want or at my leisure. In my new area, the library only allows ONE hour with NO wiggle room :( I usually take an hour and a half to write so now I am really feeling the pressure. Anyway, I still love getting emails, but now I will only really be able to write one long letter to everyone and hand write everything else.

What a crazy week. Last Tuesday did not feel like P-day, so it seems like a long time since I got to relax for a minute. As you all know, last week was transfers. I spent the greater part of the day packing. I am now down south in San Diego County, specifically the Vista Stake. I cover two wards, the Vista 8th family ward and the Young Single Adult 6th ward. (Funny story, one of the guys in the YSA ward hit on me multiple times at BYU and now he is in my ward. Awkward!)

Anyway, my Orange County tiara has been officially knocked off. There are no more BMW's and Mercedes'. Now we have trailer parks and chickens. (Seriously, there are a bunch of chickens that crow every morning right near my apartment.) The people down here are way more humble and willing to listen. I am homesick for my old ward, but at the same time I am happy to have changed and am excited to see what I can learn down here. (One thing that scares me is that there are no street lights here and the roads are super curvy and thin...and slightly there are dirt roads that lead to broken paved roads that lead to big main roads......I am just not in the OC anymore ha).

My companion is Sister Allred. She is one transfer younger than me. She is a very good missionary. She has that missionary voice that I kind of refuse to have, but at the same time she has shown me that it's not a BAD thing to talk like a missionary. She is very obedient and is a great example to me. My first day here we had five appointments, back to back, which was exhausting but awesome too. While teaching, I really felt the Spirit speaking through me. I was saying things that I wouldn't have thought of myself and for some reason this is the first time I have really acknowledged that happening. It happens all the time, but making note of it was something I wanted to do. I really love that I feel like a good teacher. I cannot answer every question thrown at me, but I am not scared of teaching or giving my viewpoints.

On Thursday we kept busy getting to know the area. It's stressful being new here because I don't know everyone and I cannot really help get us around or decide what to do. I have to rely on my companion a lot and she's great so it's all good. We did contacting, had a fun dinner, and taught a couple lessons that night.

Friday was a LONG day of weekly planning. Once we finally got out of the house, it was not the best day. Just kind of ehh.

Saturday we spent visiting less actives and part member families. The weather was amazing and always helps make the day a little better. Unfortunately, because both of us are relatively new to the area, we got lost for an hour. Because we cover two wards, our area is a lot bigger and harder to find our way around. It was frustrating because we were wasting gas, miles, and it wasn't missionary work.

Sunday was busy busy. We had meetings from 8-11, then Church 11-1 and we went on splits so I went to the YSA ward and Sister Allred finished with the family ward, and then we finished Church at 4 and had dinner and a teaching appointment and another meeting. It was just, busy.

Monday we had district meeting. In my last area we had a total of eight missionaries in our district. Now we have like 14. It's a lot bigger and I don't really like it. I feel lost in the crowd. I just need to get used to it, but it will take some time. We did some service (helped clean the yard of a girl's trailer) and then we had dinner with a very nice and supportive family. We are going around teaching all the families about ward mission plans and creating their own "Family Mission Plan" (if you don't know what a ward mission plan is, you need to go talk to the missionaries in your ward haha). I am excited about it and hope to gain the trust of our ward and get them involved as much as possible.

I get stressed really easily, but overall it was a great week. I see a lot of potential here and I am excited to make new memories. We currently have about four investigators and two of them are pretty solid. I am excited about that. I hope all is going well for everyone! Party hard!!!

Sister Christensen

Goodbye Sister Rokobuli

Hello Sister Allred

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