Monday, January 16, 2012

January 10, 2012 with pictures

Hey all-

It was an insane week. Last week feels like a lifetime away. I don't even know where to start...

Hmm...well I am getting transferred. I have been here in RSM(Rancho Santa Margarita)/Mission Viejo for six months. It's my home. I am sad to go but excited to see more of the mission and meet different people. I found out I am going down to Vista - my companion, Sister Rokobuli, and I literally changed places. She was down there for six months in that ward. I also know who my companion is going to be......I am very interested to see how this one works out. I am two for two on awesome companions, but we'll see. I am senior comp, aka this girl is younger than me, and I still feel like a young missionary so I am nervous about that. Next week will be a whole different ball game.

My birthday was fantastic. I saw all the people I love and had four mini-celebrations. I guarantee I gained like 3-5 pounds with all the cakes and cupcakes I ate. I had Cafe Rio for lunch, which is my fav, and my companion totally surprised me with a balloon, cupcakes, and a really sweet letter. And she made me breakfast. She was awesome to me! Love her!

In terms of missionary work, it was great! An investigator I've been teaching for a while basically told me she will see me "sooner than later", aka she is really considering getting baptized! I would be so thrilled for her. She is great and I have really grown to love her.

We rode bikes on Saturday, which was so fun. I finally stopped caring about what I looked like and we stopped and talked to anyone and everyone while we rode around. The weather was amazing - seriously amazing. I love it here.

I spent all day Sunday and Monday saying goodbyes. It's totally bittersweet. I'll miss this area like crazy. It's all I know. Pray for me! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and love. Hope all is going well.

-Sister Christensen

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