Monday, January 9, 2012

January 3, 2012 with pictures

If I never had to live this week again, I would be a happy woman. It was the week of Heaven and Hell. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were fulll of cancellations, appointment changes, and frustrations. I am far too anal to be a calm and patient missionary when things like that happen. Friday night I was in tears with frustration and stress. Ahh! It was so not fun! It all had to do with the New Year and family being in town and people taking vacations and illness etc. But seriously, it was a trying start to the week.

Saturday was fun. We went on a breakfast picnic with two girls in our ward who love us. We went to a swamp called Froggy Pond. It had rope swings that we played on and hung out. I am sure somewhere, in some book, rope swings are against the rules, but whatever. It was fun. We had to come in at 630 because it was New Year's Eve and people are crazy. We watched a documentary on Gordon B. Hinckley which was good and then went to sleep! I woke up at 12:09 because people were lighting fireworks. And then I slept till 730. We didn't mean to sleep in so late, but we turned the alarm off and just kept sleeping. It was great. But later in the morning we realized that the lady we live with left the fridge open all night long and it ruined our food. No apologies either. That was slightly annoying. Church now starts at 11 for us, which was weird. We had two non-members show up which was awesome and they stayed for all three hours. We hope to teach them eventually. I wrote my New Year's resolutions too. Most of them are spiritual, aka, not measurable, but I'll be a missionary the entire year....sooo...yeah.

Monday was district meeting. We each had to write a talk on a Christ-like attribute we want to work on. Based on the previous week, you might be able to guess what I chose.....patience. There is a quiz in PMG (Preach My Gospel) that tests you on each of the attributes and I failed hardcore on patience. I made a plan to work on it. I had a bunch of quotes and questions that I will carry around with me and whenever I am getting frustrated or annoyed, I will try to calm down, ask myself the questions, and read the quotes. We'll see how it goes. We had some legit teaching last night so it was def. a good start to the week.

Friday is my birthday. For those of you who know me, I started celebrating last week. Today we are having district activity which I got to plan, so therefore it is a mini birthday party for muah. We are having a cake made up of Oreos and playing games of my choosing. And I am getting my nails done later today. I already have my whole birthday planned out and it should be fabulous. Don't worry all of you white-handbooks who are reading this, I am not taking the day off, we are just teaching the NICE non-members and less actives who will be good to me on the day of my birth :)

Sorry this is short and somewhat negative, but that's the roller coaster of missionary life. I say it like it is. I could be fluffy and talk rainbows and sunshine, but then I would be a liar and I am pretty sure that's against the rules. Ha. Joke.

Ok, have a wonderful first week of the new year. Party hard cause I won't be! Love you all.

pce and blessings.
pce and blessings.

-Sister Christensen

My district.

Ellie the Elephant, Oswald the Turtle, Garret the Carrot

Rope swingin!

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