Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 14, 2012 w/ pictures!

It takes me a long time to read through my emails, and once I do, I forget everything I wanted to write in the first place. Oh well.

Tuesday: We had an awesome lesson with our investigator. We had a "spiritual inventory" with her to find out her concerns and see where she stands. Both Sister Allred and I feel that we took leaps and bounds in creating a better relationship and working towards baptism. We really love this family and enjoy spending time with them.

Wednesday: In the morning we went contacting. This one guy stopped and commented on how refreshing it was to see two young girls dress so appropriately. We obviously took the opportunity to share a little about the gospel with him, only to have him talk our ear off for a solid 15 minutes, with his delusional mother trying to escape his arms and run away. No joke, she was this little old woman, and she was elbowing him in the stomach and stomping on his feet and if he let go, she would take off running. I worked in a nursing home for almost a year and I love old people, so this did not alarm me...I just really wanted the guy to stop talking and take care of his mother. Anyway, we had a great lesson that morning with an 18-year-old convert of a couple months. Every time we teach her, I learn more from her than she does from me. Later in the afternoon, we had companion exchanges. Sister Savaliga came with me in my area. Sister Savaliga is a legend in our mission. She has had 29 baptisms. She has no fear when it comes to missionary work. We spent the greater part of the afternoon contacting, and then taught a couple lessons that night. I learned a lot from her in only a day and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her. She goes home next week!

Thursday: We had a lesson with a very liberal Mormon. My definition of a liberal Mormon is someone who agrees with most of the basics, but kind of comes up with their own doctrine and doesn't really live true to what they have been taught. I kind of really don't like liberal Mormons because they try and get people to agree and I am like, " said it, so it's true." I am in NO way perfect, but things like the Word of Wisdom, baptism, and salvation are not compromisable. You either do it, or you don't. We exchanged companions back at 3. After working with Savaliga, I really feel like I have a better understanding of my purpose. And that is to baptize. When I started, I really wanted to leave an awesome impression in my areas and hope that the wards I serve remember me and love me. But that is not what missions are about. It's awesome working with members, but we are here to save souls. We are here to weed out the ones who aren't ready and find the ones that are. It's a hard job, but I am all for it! We taught four lessons that night and all of them were super legit. We see great things happening in this area!

Friday: Weekly planning. And then appointments and drop-bys. Friday night we did service at a homeless shelter. We took dinner and served it to them. It was a great opportunity to count my blessings and find joy in service.

Saturday was rainy rainy. We went to the worldwide leadership training - which was not too much about missionary work so I was a bit distracted, but overall it was good! We kind of had a lack of motivation because of the weather, but we taught three lessons. I got a sweet package from my motha for Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day! I immediately made the whoopie pies and we pigged out with the Spanish sisters.

Sunday was fabulous. We had a stellar lesson in Relief Society about developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I felt such a strong conviction and desire to go out and share my testimony with others. I have an even greater understanding and love for Him and I want others to have that too! With the political things going on, we need to make sure everyone understands and knows what we stand for - and that is Jesus Christ. No more polygamy and Word of Wisdom dumb questions. Testify of Jesus Christ and leave it at that. (stepping off soapbox) We didn't have too many investigators come to Church but es ok. We worked hard and enjoyed the Sabbath.

Monday was great. We had district meeting, and it was raining. We went and helped the lady from last week with more computer problems. Apparently I am a genius when it comes to computers. Later we visited a couple less actives which was great because they were all nice and all set up appointments for us to visit. It's really cool to see how past life experiences, even the weird ones, can benefit me while I am serving. For instance, I worked for a Russian lady for two years and she always called me a name in Russian that I didn't understand. One of the less actives we went and visited is from Russia, so I took the opportunity to ask her what the name means. She laughed and told me it means a baby doll face (because my face is chubby). She opened up and talked to us for a while, all because I knew a Russian word from like 5 years ago. Awesome, right?

That night we had a really fun dinner with a family that is hilarious and then we taught lessons all night long (and played glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag for the YSA FHE...dude, if I am going to be in a YSA ward, I am going to enjoy it, right?)

The Church es true peoples! Party hard!
one love.
-Sister Christensen
Allred and I at the church.

Eating our whoopie pies.

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