Monday, February 13, 2012

February 7, 2012

This week went really fast - it's weird to be on P-day again.

Wednesday was a total bust (relatively speaking). We had 7 appointments lined up and we were super stoked. We had a lesson in the morning, and when we home for lunch, we had a voicemail. Our investigator, Joe, called and dropped us! It was my first time being dropped by someone. I laughed but my companion was super sad. She had tracted into him and really liked him. I wasn't too attached but I was bummed that she was bummed. Then, in the middle of lunch, our next appointment needed to reschedule. I kept a positive attitude. The weather outside was amazing and I was just in a happy mood. We drove out to Fallbrook to visit some singles ward less actives. We came to this house that was way deep into the forest, but it was gorgeous. It was like an old manor with a cast iron gate and old train tracks running through with rolling hills. I just wanted to stay there all day long. And then, our third appointment canceled. When it rains, it pours. We got a little frustrated. And hungry, which is never a good combination. We went contacting and we had one guy who got all up in my face and was so obnoxious. It was annoying. I wanted to say more that I did, but we smiled and walked away. Thankfully, from 5-9 we had back-to-back appointments, and they all went through, so we were happy by the end of the day. Four lessons isn't bad at all, but when you have seven planned - it can drag ya down.

Thursday was zone conference. It was bomb. We had trainings on how to use the Book of Mormon to answer questions, and Moroni's promise, and being obedient. It was all good. Zone conference was from 7-4 p.m. We had "brinner" (which is breakfast for dinner---a word my investigator thinks everyone should use) with Dani and her family, plus another family from the ward. We taught about fasting. And then we came home. It was a quick and easy day.

Friday I had my dreaded doctor's appointment for my knees. I had every scenario played out in my head of what he would say except for the one he gave me. He messed with my knees, asked about all my symptoms, and told me I should never run again for life because it's my anatomy and it's just the way I was built. It kind of sucked a lot. I was sad. I always thought that one day I would get my knees fixed and I would be able to run without pain, but apparently not. I don't plan to settle with that answer, but at least for the duration of my mission, I will avoid running and hope that they will be better. We had weekly planning, and then back-to-back appointments from 2-9. We were busy busy and it was fun. It let me take my mind off my own problems. Missionary work is great that way :)

Saturday my companion and I got invited to zone leader council. It's usually a meeting for just zone leaders, but this time President invited six sisters in order for us to get the training and then pass on the information in exchanges to other sisters. I loved it. I loved it more than zone conference. We had two guest speakers, one of which is a General Authority - in the Presidency of the Seventy. He was so legit. I learned so much and had so many moments of inspiration and desire to get out there and work even harder. We also had a training about the upcoming political situations that will be arising with Mitt Romney running. It kind of scared me because people can be really mean, and even more so when it comes to politics. Oh man. I am sure we will be dealing with it more and more as my mission goes on.

Sunday we had choir practice at 9:30, then family ward, then single adult ward, then dinner with an investigator, then an investigator lesson, and finally, a member visit. Sundays rock. I love having two wards.

Monday was bomb too. We had district meeting, where I made an idiot of myself (but that's another story for another day haha). We had lunch and then went to do service for a lady in our ward. She needed help with her computer. She reminded me so much of my mom, I couldn't help but laugh. I thought she would need some intense computer help, but she wanted to know how to sign into her email account, write an email, and forward emails to people. It took two hours. And we will most likely be going back. My mom is still learning how to copy and paste. Haha. At 4 we had a lesson with a new investigator, which went really well, then we rushed to a sick awesome dinner, then rushed to a lesson with another new investigator, and then YSA FHE (Young Single Adult Family Home Evening). It was so fun!! They were playing Just Dance on Xbox Connect. I forgot how much I love dancing. We didn't get to dance, but the countdown begins now for when I get back to school and go dancing! Love it! And we had two non-members there, so that was fabulous. We finished the night with our ward mission leader who is so supportive and kind. This area is doing me good :)

I think I may or may not say this every email, but the Church is true people. Party hard.

-Sister Christensen

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