Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 4, 2012

Tuesday: We had zone activity. It was the most competitive zone activity I have ever had. We split into two teams, team red and team green (for the holiday season :)) and within the first 5 minutes we were all in it to win it. At one point the zone leader on my team goes, "They are being really competitive.....we need to step it up."  I laughed out loud. I thought he would say something like, "We need to relax" or "Bring it down a couple notches", but nope! And we proceeded to play hard. Right at the end, during a little two on two, my zone leader on the opposite team fully on body-slammed me in the air, as we were both jumping for the ball, and I came down sideways on my foot. Oh hurt so bad! There were many choice words that came out of my mouth. I swear it felt like it was broken. I had to be carried to the car. It was a terrible way to end zone activity, but at least it was at the end, right?

So I did the whole hurt foot routine, put some ice on it, took meds, and elevated it. I was out of commission from walking from Wednesday to Friday, which sucked hard core. There is a long dark bruise from my pinky toe to my ankle, and an EMT in my ward said she believes it's a sprained ligament based on the symptoms and her touching it. Now, a week later, I can limp around on it fine, but it definitely slowed us down all week. And it was rainy, so that made our week even less productive.

On Friday I wore a walking boot for a couple hours and got to see my favorites, Laurie and Dana Del Francia. My district leader served in San Clemente, and he worked with them as well, so all six of us went out to lunch. It was such a spirit booster. I love them.

On Saturday was our ward Christmas breakfast. We got to see Santa! I stood in one place all morning and scrambled about 100 eggs. Fun stuff. Saturday night we had dinner with the McNeil's, who are about the funniest people I have ever met. Sister Tua'one and I were laughing inappropriately long and loud. Haha. I can't help it if someone makes me laugh!

Sunday was wonderful. Vivian came to Church, which was awesome. I had forgotten how stressful it can be to have an investigator at Church (because you want them to meet people and have a nice time and learn, etc etc etc), but we were thrilled to have her attend.

And Monday was even more wonderful. Yesterday we worked really hard to talk to everyone on the streets. Then we had FHE [Family Home Evening] with a nonmember and then later we had a lesson with another nonmember we picked up as an investigator. Her name is Nicole and she is 23 and so stellar. Seriously. She is so going to be baptized. I love when young people investigate the church. It is so awesome to see them change their lives when the world is telling them not to! THEN, when we got home at 930, the Terry's and McNeil's were there to deliver a full-sized, live Christmas tree to our apartment, with lights and ornaments. It smells wonderful and seriously feels like Christmas. It was SO NICE!!!!

Ahh! So I have a fabulous last week of my mission all planned out. It's going to go quick and I still cannot believe it's almost over. It's so bittersweet! I will talk more about that next week....but really. I cannot believe it.

The church is so true.
Party Hard.
Get Crazy.
Do (missionary) work!
Sista C

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