Monday, December 3, 2012

November 27, 2012

I am just going to hit the highlights for this week!

Wednesday we participated in an interfaith, feed the homeless, service project. It was so fun. We got to sit in during the service and learn how a handful of faiths worship. Then we served Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and we got to eat with them. This was Thanksgiving meal number one. It was a great way to spend the night before the holiday weekend.

Thursday was my favorite holiday! (I may or may not say that about every holiday....I just love holidays!) But really, I love my family, I love eating, and I love napping -- all of which are major parts of Thanksgiving! We had district meeting in the morning and, as I did last year, I made all the elders wear Indian headdresses with accompanying names. I was "Dancing Flamingo" and my companion was "Spotted Cheetah." We really love our elders and had fun taking pictures. We also went around the room and shared what we are thankful for. Mine was three-fold. 1. I am thankful for where I am in my life (grateful to be here in CA with my companion and my district and my ward). 2. I am grateful for my support system back at home. I could never be here, doing what I am doing, without them. And 3. I am thankful for dogs. They show unconditional love and I love them! I cannot wait to see my puppies again soon!

Anyway, at 1 we all headed off to our respective meals. We had Thanksgiving dinner number 2 with the Del Rosarios. Next year at this time two of their kids will be on missions. They are so legit. See the picture of the turkey with Melanie. Oh man. It was delish. Then, at 5 pm, we had Thanksgiving meal number 3 with the Terry/Turner clan. It reminded me of Whitmore get-togethers and felt right at home. There were tons of kids, four different tables, and lots of noise. Love it! The Terry's have a daughter on a mission in Brazil and we just love hearing about her! We love knowing about families and their missionaries!! At 7pm we went to the Johnson's for dessert, but we both could hardly eat because we were so full! But we still had a blast spending time with them.

Friday and Saturday were recovery days where we just took it easy and did smaller items on our missionary to-do list. Sunday and Monday were both awesome. We love getting to know our ward better. We had back-to-back appointments all night and we got to see Vivian, our investigator with a baptismal date! She thinks she is still good for December 8th, but we will see how it pans out this week. Also, yesterday I had my exit interview with President Cook. So surreal.

We had a district meeting on Monday and I have some sweet quotes to share...
1. "A man is who is based on what he thinks about when he has nothing to think about"
2. "God-like character is the natural result in continued effort of having God-like thoughts"
3. "When a missionary loses himself, He becomes his True self, and goes home his "new self"...and I have to ask myself, who is my "new self."
The meeting was all about self-improvement and virtue and how our thoughts become our actions, which becomes who we are.

I loved it. Hope everyone had a happy holiday and is looking forward to Christmas! Love you all.

Pce and blessings
Pce and blessings!

-Sister Christensen

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