Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 10, 2012

Have I ever mentioned that I love my mission? I don't know if I ever have on this blog, but just so you all know, I love my mission....a lot. Nothing spectacular happened this week, in fact, I was forced into a new companionship and had the weight of the world on my shoulders to train her in the area, but I still love my mission. We have terrible, hard, annoying, frustrating days or hours or minutes, but yet I adore my mission. Maybe things will change in the future and you might have to remind me of this down the road if times get really really tough, but for now I want you all to know I don't regret giving up my life for 18 months to come out here and do this work. It has definitely been the biggest adventure of my life and I still have a long haul to go, but I love. The end.

Now on that note, Tuesday was probably one of the hardest days of my mission thus far. I lost my rock star companion and my absolute favorite elder, all in one painful swoop. I was crying so hard in that transfer meeting I had to leave because I was about to sob. I am telling you people, the unknown (especially on a mission) is a very scary thing. I knew who my possibilities were for companions and it wasn't looking too hot. But then I got called to be with the one girl who I had no preconceived notions about and could actually start from square one. She is only four months out so I am def. senior comp. and leading the area, but she is mellow and open to whatever her mission holds for her. Saying bye to Elder Free was terrible (I hate goodbyes), but once we got into the car to drive home, it was all business...back to missionary work as usual. We grabbed dinner at the one and only restaurant in our area (El Ranchero) and went to appointments. Getting used to a new teaching style can be interesting and sometimes downright awkward, but we made it work.

Wednesday: was a good and busy day. Heavenly Father totally blessed us with lots to do. As a matter of fact, I probably seemed like a chicken running around with my head cut's hard being the only one who knows the area and what's going on, etc. We picked up a former investigator, which was a miracle and awesome, and later we had a fun Relief Society dinner. And we had appointments.

Thursday: We did service in the morning. I learned how to lay contact paper! And then we had a day of cancellations. I am telling you, when it rains, it pours. We had five cancellations. Yep. Gotta love unreliable people. In our fruitless driving around to find people, we found some huge boulders with a pretty view. If you know me, you know that being in a dress does not stop me from climbing them and getting a picture. On my way down, I fell and cut my foot open and got a gnarly black and purple bruise. My comp. was a super hero and got stuff to clean it and put Bandaids on it. It freakin' hurt! And the cut is on a place on my foot where it just keeps opening up and getting gross.....Anywho, despite cancellations, we kept up the work, had a nice dinner, etc.

Friday was weekly planning day. Boring. We really didn't have much to do until dinner and then we had appointments till nine.

Saturday was legit. We weeded in the morning, and then got permission to go on our Facebook and post our testimony of Jesus Christ for an Easter thing with the Church. Did you see mine? I was a little rushed so don't judge me. We had lessons from 3-5, dinner with Dani and Mike, and then we went to a missionary's homecoming party. It was weird!!! It made me think of Elder Free and how he is doing that same thing back in Utah. And it was weird to think that one day I'll go home....just....weird....At 8, we had an Easter egg hunt with Dani and Mike and their kids (Shad, Kaden and Kami). It was a flashlight hunt--I loved it!

Sunday was Easter!!! The Spanish sisters and us made a nice big breakfast and traded Easter baskets. We got so much junk food it was insane. My companion's parents also sent us both a box full of candy and my mama sent candy.....last week I thought I lost a pound or two, this week I gained 10 annoying. But such is life. At Church we had our four baptism confirmations and we had some really nice lessons. We had a nice Mexican Easter dinner and then visited some families in our family ward. It was a successful Easter.

Monday: We did more service....some weeks we get no service opportunities and others we get a ton! My favorite part of the day was at 6. We read the Book of Mormon with an inactive lady who has warmed up soooo much in the last 12 weeks. She asks hard questions sometimes and I get nervous that I won't be able to answer. So she asks a hard question and my mind is literally blank...I got nothing. And I was sitting there, and the Spirit literally speaks to me and tells me where to look and what to share with her. And then I had a thought and the Spirit directed me so clearly and powerfully. i. love. it.  It is seriously one of the coolest feelings ever. I have had a bunch of other times like that and I don't think I have shared them with you all, so sorry--I'll try and do that more! Later that night we attended YSA FHE. There was a LA kid who tricked out his car and reminded me a TON of a kid I dated in high school. Obviously I asked for a ride in his car (with three other girls so it was missionary appropriate) and it went from 0-50 in like 10 seconds. ha. It was fun. I love serving with the YSA.

Today we got permission to play basketball with the Relief Society in the morning. It was the best workout I have gotten in a long time. Love it! Hope all is going well wherever you all are!

Love you lots
-Sister Christensen

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