Friday, April 6, 2012

April 3, 2012 w/ SIX pictures!

Tuesday: At district activity I found out one of the other elders used to be a cheerleader. While the elders were playing basketball, I proceeded to do about 20-30 cheer jumps with him without stretching or warming was a bad idea. I could hardly walk for the next two days. I got some sweet pictures and was able to relive my glory days, but it was for a price ha. I love my district and we hung out for too long, which consequently made us late for evening appointments, but all's well.

Wednesday was a party. Haha, there is no way that any of you will be able to understand the hilariousness of this situation, but I will try and explain. Sister Allred and I got invited to lunch at a member's home with two other sets of elders. Elder Free (my absolute favorite elder) is going home tomorrow. This member wanted to throw him a goodbye lunch and somehow Allred and I got wrapped into it. We got there and he asked all of us if we would pray for the meal....yeah....we each prayed over lunch....Elder Free just gave us a look like "just wait..." I was holding back laughter. We continued on to eat a very interesting, Thanksgiving-esque type meal but some of it, I was unsure what it was. I was nervous but I was sitting right next to them so I was forced to eat it all. At the end, the member burst into a totally fake cry while saying "bye" to Elder Free and then he broke into spontaneous prayer. I looked around the room and all the elders faces were to die for. We quickly bowed our heads and prayed with him. It was interesting to say the least. The rest of the day was so busy. We went to a million appointments and got it done.

Thursday we went to the Family History Center again to help a new convert learn about it. She loved it and got me inspired to do it more when I get home. Later that night we had dinner with a family that has 27 wild, exotic, rescue birds in their garage. It was freakin' awesome. The birds talk and sing and were so pretty! See photos.

Friday a visa waiter followed Allred and I around for the day. It was annoying. We did weekly planning and picked up an investigator which we were super stoked about. We taught some legit lessons and went to bed happy for Conference.

Saturday was General Conference. We spent from 9-5 and 7-9 at the church. Jeremy had his baptism interview and passed. Conference was legit as always....and then at 9:45 my world came crashing down. Allred is getting transfered. It was a total blindside. I bawled for a solid hour. And then throughout the rest of the weekend. I have been the happiest I have ever been while on my mission. I love Sister Allred. We work together flawlessly. We have had sooo many people tell us how smoothly we teach and we compliment each other so well. It seriously sucks so badly. And we hit our PRs this week. We got 23 lessons, 105 contacts, baptisms, new investigators---it was the best week of my mission.....If I had known the transfer was coming I would have been ok with it, but I had no idea.

Sunday was a blur. It's bad enough that I am losing Elder Free, but taking away Sister Allred was a total kick when I was already done. Seriously, I could hardly pay attention in conference. We went and said goodbyes to people for the remainder of the evening. It sucked.

Monday was awesome ONLY because of the baptism. The baptism was a total disaster, but so awesome. Four people got baptized, but one of the girls got held up at work, so Jeremy and Mateo got baptized at 8ish and then the entire group waited TWO hours for Alma and Fabi to get baptized around 1030.....we got permission from our mission president to stay out late to be there for them. Me and my new companion will be teaching Alma and Fabi, so we are stoked about that. It was a lesson about is never a bad thing to stay up late and wait around for two hours to let someone enter the waters of baptism. I was exhausted by the end, and then remembered I am losing Allred so I got depressed again. Went to bed at 11.

I love my mission. I love this work. I have never had so much fun and worked so hard at the same time. I know that whoever I get will teach me what I need to learn. It's going to be an interesting change, but I know I can do it. I hope all is well.

-Sister Christensen
Doing cheer jumps

The Spanish sisters and I decided to feel normal and instead of putting on PJs we put on jeans!

The crazy cool birds.

My favorite, Elder Free.

We took a super cheesy family photo.

The baptism!

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