Monday, June 18, 2012

June 12, 2012 with pictures!

The weeks do seem to be flying past. This is going to be a highlights email again, as opposed to a day-by-day update.

Wednesday Sister Workoff and I went to see Adan. It was pretty funny - he was mad at us for the throw down lesson. He was all, "I AM getting baptized and I AM changing my life and you two cannot stop me!!!" Little did he realize that until this point he kept being very loosey goosey about things and hadn't really decided any of that. Throughout the week we have taught him the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Law of Tithing and he was game for all of it! We kept getting nervous about teaching him each of the "big" three but again, he never ceases to amaze me and is always ready and willing.

Thursday we had a fun movie night and watched "17 Miracles." I love that movie. I mean, I hate that movie because it makes me cry and I feel like the most spoiled, lucky, ungrateful person in the world, but I love it. Every time I watch it it reminds me what people have sacrificed so that we could all worship as we please. The pioneers are my heroes. If you haven't seen the movie, you need to watch it and then say a solid prayer of gratitude.

Saturday was awesome...mostly.....I accidentally took 200 mg of caffeine in the morning. A lady in my ward gave us some natural supplements to help give us more energy. I mixed up the instructions she gave us and instead of 2 biotin capsules I took 2 energy capsules, which have 99 mg of caffeine in them. Right as I swallowed, my companion was like "WHAT?! NO!!" I freaked out, but the damage was done. It didn't have any truly negative side effects. The plus was that I had energy all day, the minus was that I was awake until Sunday and have had a hangover - caffeine-headache ever lesson learned, note to self......don't take that much caffeine ever again.

But besides that, we had fun doing service for Shauna in the morning, and then we had Macey's baptism! I have been teaching Macey since January. She is eight and a child of record, but she was not raised in the Church. Her mom has started coming back to Church and wanted Macey to be baptized for Macey and not because all her new friends had done it. She is hilarious and so much fun. During one of the talks she was asked, "Macey, why are you getting baptized?" She said, "Becauseee, the sister missionaries taught me soo welll, I know I am ready!" It was stinkin' cute.

That night I got to participate in my very first Pinewood Derby! It was a family ward party. We hadn't made cars, but people made extras so we got to race. Mine got 4th or 5th place! Haha, it was an adventure. It made me really want to make my own car! Also, that night Hena had her baptismal interview and she is all set! This Saturday, 6pm!

Monday was also a great day. We tracted, had a couple lessons, and had a fun Family Home Evening. I am pretty much packing my bags to leave this area on the 25th so I am enjoying every moment I have left here. We have two fabulous weeks planned, with two more baptisms and I am stoked! Missionary life rocks.

Party hard!
Love Sista C!
Movie night!

Mace Face at her baptism!

Adan was looking fresh at Church so we took a picture.

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