Monday, June 25, 2012

June 19, 2012 w/ 5 pictures!!

It was a fabulous week. Wednesday and Thursday are always a little hard because it's getting back into the swing of things, but we had a wonderful week.

Wednesday we did service for a non-member. She just had a baby so we cleaned her house. She commented that it's nice to know that humanity and love still exist in this world. It was all I needed to hear to feel appreciated and glad that we did it. I love doing service. It really does make me feel better. The rest of the day was kind of rough, so by the end of the night we treated ourselves to Baskin Robbins. I def. needed the boost.

Thursday we had a mate party with one of my favorite less actives, the Roths. Mate is a weird tea-like drink that is disgusting, but apparently it's all the rage in Europe. I tried it straight, but then had to fill it with sugar and milk to even get it to taste remotely desirable. Mate=fail, but the afternoon was fun. We saw Hena that night (prepping her for her baptism) and just had so much fun. I love her a lot a lot. She's hilarious and we never seem to get to our lesson because we talk too much!

Friday we were supposed to do weekly planning but we had too many appointments. That night we got thrown into the Lion's Den (so to speak). A family we tracted into invited us over for dinner. We were happy to accept. We went over and the first thing that the husband says is, "Well I won't be calling you 'Sister' so what can I call you? You see, we don't have the same beliefs, so what's your first name?" I was like, "Oh heck no. You can call me Christensen." And then I knew. This was a caverly chapel family. In fact, this guy was an ex-Mormon who had his records removed and had it framed and put up on the wall! We then had a 2.5 hour dinner with them where they attempted, key word attempted, to grill us and tell us we were on the wrong path. Oh the poor ignorance of these people. Little do they know that I am a professional, non-Bible-basher and there is nothing they can do or say to get into my testimony and shake my beliefs. I love knowing truth and I love having real faith. I love the gospel and there is nothing that will change that. It was a joy to make it home and feel the refreshing feeling of the Spirit in our apartment.

Saturday we attended a baby shower. Despite being missionaries, we are still women and we still get baby hungry. Babies are just so stinkin' cute! Then we helped make tutus for Girls Camp. In the afternoon we had dinner and a movie with Dani and Kami. And thennnn.....drumroll please......Hena's baptism!!!! It was so fabulous. Oh man. She is going to be such a leader and role model for so many people. She got up and bore her testimony and it was beautiful. The Spirit was so strong and she is just so amazing, I love love loved it! See pictures.

Sunday Adan had his interview and passed!!! He is all set for Saturday, 7 p.m. He came to Church with all his piercings out and in a white button down. He looked so fresh and is so ready! Workoff and I taught second hour and it went really well. That night we had dinner with the Reber's, who are friends with a family who served up north, the Whitaker's. For six months I have wanted to Whitaker's to come to dinner with the Reber's and they finally did! I loved the Whitaker's so much, it was such a fun night seeing them. They are a bomb family. My sister Amber is going to marry their son Ty. You hear that Amber? I got it all set up.

Monday was busy. For Family Home Evening we played a hilarious game where you tie a balloon to your ankle and people have to pop each other's balloons but not let theirs get popped. It was a lot of fun. Also the elders and us put together a video of all the recent converts and it was soo good! I'll have to have it posted to Facebook somehow. I love converts!

The Church is true and we have another wonderful week ahead. Transfers are next week and I am pretty sure I'm out....I better because I already started my goodbyes haha. Pce and blessings from CA. Party. Hard.

-Sister Christensen

Adan being gangsta. He painted that under an abandoned bridge.

The tutus we made.


My fave families

She's preggo....I'm not.

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