Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 26, 2012 w/ pictures!!

Holy stressful week of my life.

I'll start at the beginning because the beginning wasn't stressful.

Tuesday we had a fabulous district activity. We played ultimate frisbee, sword fights, Knock Out, Never Have I Ever, and ate lots of treats. And took some fun photos. See below.

Wednesday we picked up a new investigator and set a new baptismal date - July 14th! We are so stoked for her. Her name is Emily and she is very much ready to be baptized! I already think she is wonderful. Later in the day we started the new member lessons with Hena - I love that girl a lot. She is so fun to chat with and teach. She loves every message we share with her, it's so sick. That night I received a phone call from President Cook. I was called to be a trainer and I will be white washing an area. For those that don't know the lingo, that means I will get a fresh missionary from the MTC [Missionary Training Center] and I will be going into an area with no former knowledge of the area---it's kind of cool because me and my greenie will be equally yoked, but also terrifying because I know nothing. Nothing. I will arrive in the area and start from square one. It will be an adventure to say the least. Stressful? Yes.

Thursday morning we get a phone call from cancel the baptism. He needed to leave for Mexico to sign a will because his grandma was about to pass away. My voice was probably similar to the description of "stone cold" when he told me the news. And then we had back-to-back appointments all day so it wasn't until we saw him at three that we could discuss our options. After much delay, we came to the conclusion that he needed to be baptized now and not wait, thus commencing planning a baptism in four hours. Stressful? Yes. Don't ever do it. It's not fun and your blood pressure will most definitely rise. We called one million people to figure everything out. We moved the baptism from Saturday at seven to Friday at six. Holy heck, I never want to do that again. We treated ourselves to Baskin Robbins at the end of the night because my brain was literally exhausted.

Friday I woke up and was again dreading all that needed to happen to get Adan into the font. We had a couple appointments and then from ten to two I was in a new trainer's meeting. Sister Allred and Sister Rokobuli- two of my former companions- will also be training! We had really yummy breakfast burritos for lunch and then Workoff and I had appointments. We finished getting ready for the baptism.... The baptism was amazing to say the least. We had such a fabulous turn-out and at least five non-members came to see it. The testimonies and talks and prayers were alll so great. There was no way in heck someone couldn't feel that spirit in that room. Adan cried. I was smiling so big, I am sure I looked dumb, but I can't help it! I was so happy to see him take such a huge leap in his life. We had a lesson with Emily afterward and she is even more stoked for her baptism. She asked Adan to speak at it :)

On my way home it finally dawned on me that I am leaving the area and I cried....or more so, bawled. My heart hurt so bad because of the love I feel for these people. I have absolutely, completely, 100% loved serving here in Vista. I took a hot bath to calm myself down and I was fine.

Saturday was fulll of goodbye lessons, and Sunday and Monday. My heart is in Vista. I love these people a lot. There were a lot of pictures taken and a lot of hugs and a couple of tears. I ended up talking to my YSA [Young Single Adult] Relief Society President/guru/therapist for two hours last night. Jenny Taylor. I will miss that girl and her advice and her outlook. She's been fabulous. And the Mieures. And Hena and Adan and Jeremy and Emily and everyone in the Vista 8th and 6th wards because I have been treated so well here.

Ok, the Church is true. Read 2 Nephi 10 - the last couple verses that say something like "cheer up your heart for you are free to choose eternal life"....People, I have chosen eternal life. Every day it's a decision I make that I want eternal life and true joy and happiness. I try and build my faith in every way that I can. And I am happy.

Pce and blessings from CA.
Wish me luck!
-Sister Christensen
District activity.

Adan doesn't like to smile.

Jenny Taylor.

My Kami.

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