Monday, July 16, 2012

July 10, 2012 w/ pictures

What a week! It was long! I cannot even believe that it was the Fourth of July last week because that seems eons ago!

Tuesday - Our blessed ward mission leader's wife took us shopping. She is wonderful to us.

Wednesday was the Fourth of July. It was not the greatest day for missionary work but we did have a really great experience. We went to a BBQ at one of our member's home. It was a family BBQ so we felt kind of out of place. I wanted to leave within a half hour of arriving but my greenie companion kept putting it off. She was like, "Let me talk to the Lord about it" -- I laughed and waited until she felt ok about leaving. We had rode our bikes over, to avoid traffic, and on the way home I saw two people walking in the dark. I felt prompted to talk to them right as we were about to cross the street. I whispered to Andrus that we should contact them, so we did. It turns out that the guy, Miguel, is a less active member and his wife, Cheyanne, has been wanting to be baptized! What the?! This doesn't happen. We set up an appointment for Friday and on Friday we had a wonderful lesson with a baptismal invitation. We are shooting for the 4th of August! This ward hasn't seen a baptism in almost a year. This was such a blessing and was totally by the power of the Spirit. We are stoked. She came to Church on Sunday and we taught the restoration yesterday. She loved it all. I never hold my breath about baptisms because I know the adversary is strong, but we are really excited for her and anticipate seeing her baptized!

I skipped over Thursday on behalf of my story: Thursday we had district meeting. I did a training which went really well. We taught a handful of lessons and ate dinner at a house that sits on the beach. It was gorgeous. I can never get enough of the ocean. It provokes so much thought in me. I could stare at it for hours. I love San Clemente!

Friday was my one year and my greenie's one month. We partied. We treated ourselves to burgers and fro-yo and took some fun pictures!

Saturday was the longest day of my mission haha, that's an exaggeration, but really, it was a long, no-fun day. And Sunday was no bueno because I was really grumpy. I still have yet to master myself in controlling my emotions. Andrus handled it like a champ and by Monday we were all smiles and happy again. We rode our bikes to the ocean, did some service, and partied with old folks at their monthly empty nester party. Life is good - we are seeing miracles, big and small on a daily basis.

My little gem scripture of the week is 2 Nephi 33:6, "I glory in plainness, I glory in truth, I glory in Jesus...." Simple but true!

Love, Sister Christensen

P.S. Andrus and I are playing a joke on our district leader. Whenever they text us, their signature that appears on every text they send says, "Pray about it" so we decided to be funny, each time we text them, we put as our signature "get crazy".... so they think that when we text members and investigators, that it says that. It's hilarious because they are both soft spoken and would be horrified if we were actually writing that. They haven't confronted us yet but we are bidding our time. Haha.

Fourth of July! We got new festive dresses and I had red shoes and a red purse to get the full red, white, and blue!

One year, one month

Random picture with a monkey that we saw on top of a trash can and we knew we needed a pic!

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