Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 24, 2012

Oh baby. It was a rough and wonderful week. That seems to be a pattern for missionary work---the highs are the highest and the lows are the lowest. It's....manageable?

Tuesday: We went shopping...there is too much shopping here. It's ridiculous. We decided we need to go on a shopping fast, but then we had a hard we are going shopping today. Don't judge us.

Wednesday: It was a day of a lot of walking and biking. We spent the morning bike contacting and then the afternoon walking the neighborhoods talking to people. We almost lost our lives when an 88 yr old man with Alzheimer's drove us to dinner. We said a little prayer and wa-la, we survived. We had a couple lessons, but for the most part Andrus and I spent the day keeping each other entertained and trying to stay sane.

Thursday: We had district meeting. We taught some lessons and ate dinner in a 5 million dolla home. People are really rich here. It's weird.

Friday was Sister's Conference. Sometimes I love these kind of meetings and sometimes I hate them. I hate them because I feel like I am working my butt off and doing all that I can and then at the meeting I feel like I am being told I am dirt and that I am not doing enough. It takes a toll on your emotional/mental status. I may or may not have had a stressful-emotional breakdown once it was over. Missionary work is really hard dude.

And then alll day Saturday we spent doing nothing. We knocked and talked and tried so hard to find people to teach and we got nowhere. It was beyond frustrating. Andrus and I had to have pep talks like every five minutes just to survive the day.

Sunday was a breath of fresh air. We woke up, looked at our newly made vision boards (a "craft" we did in order to visualize what we want to accomplish on our missions), and went to Church. It was a great day at Church. We were fasting for investigators, taking notes in the lessons, and really trying to fellowship the ward. We met new people and got a new ward mission leader who is super stoked on the work. He helped pump us up a bunch. Then we had dinner with a less active girl (who is obsessed with Harry Potter and I love her). She had invited her non-member friend over and they both agreed to take the lessons. We. Were. Thrilled. A new investigator and part-member less active family all in one?! Yes please.

Monday was spent back in the grind but it went well. We ate far too much Mexican food and had a lesson with Cheyanne and with a recent convert, Kyle. Both lessons were great. We still haven't made contact with Carmen, but we are keeping the faith and praying hard. We have a busy week ahead, which makes us both really happy.

Our spiritual thought for the week is found somewhere in the Old Testament. It's the story of the people of Israel traveling through the wilderness with Moses. They had no way to eat, so they had to rely on the Lord for food - manna. The Lord made it so that they couldn't collect any extra manna, except on Saturday so they could keep the Sabbath day holy on Sunday. Sometimes people would break the rules and try to get a storage of manna - or they would go out on Sunday to get some, but it never worked. The Lord was teaching them to constantly and consistently rely on Him.

Andrus and I are in that same boat. Nothing, NOTHING, is going to happen in this area if we are not diligent every single day in relying on Heavenly Father. It's crazy how hard it is to keep that in perspective and remember it all the time. But we are sure trying and plan to see miracles. Your prayers are felt. Thanks for all the support and love.

Pce and blessings.
Pce and blessings.

-Sister Christensen
At the sister's conference.

Our ex-ward mission leader and his wife. They are so fabulous to us. They are moving and we will miss them a lot a lot!

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