Monday, August 13, 2012

July 29, 2012 w/ pictures!

I love who I am as a missionary. Is that weird to say? I don't know, but I really do love my no-mess-around attitude. We had a lesson on Tuesday night with a potential investigator. I know she would have accepted the invitation to let us teach her, but she wasn't ready to change anything about her life. We could really use some more investigators, but I didn't want her. Not because I don't love her, (because Jesus told us to love everyone), but because I am on the Lord's errand and I will not waste my time. I keep seeing and hearing about missionaries who tip toe around the gospel to try and make it sound appealing to people. I hate that. We are who we are and we believe what we believe and I make no apologies for that. It has given me such an edge as a missionary. My trainer always makes comments about how she thinks I am well known throughout the mission, but it isn't because I am funny or crazy. It's because I am bold. And a little ruthless. And I kind of love it. I love it because I have a clear knowledge of my purpose and I don't mess around with that. Pretty much what I am saying is, when people ask about the polygamy thing, or the coffee thing, or whatever other thing that they have heard about the church, just go ahead and give them a firm (please excuse my French), "Hell yeah we did that, or believe that!!" because this is who we are! Feel free to explain it in more detail but don't be all "ummm.....ehhhh....hehe......" cause that's just not cool. The church is true. The end.

Moving on, on Wednesday we had sister exchanges. Sister exchanges are always kinda fun and kinda exhausting. Fun because it's a new person and exhausting because it's a new person. Needless to say, Andrus and I missed each other and we were very happy to be reunited on Thursday afternoon. Friday and Saturday were party central. Andrus and I were asked to speak in Church on Sunday, so we whipped up some invitations to give to non-members and less actives - to invite them to hear us speak! (see photo, and on the back we glued invites). We also had card game night on Friday night and did a bunch of service on Saturday. Also, Cheyanne passed her baptismal interview and is set for Aug 3rd! Wahoo! Usually our weekends are the hardest part of the week, but this one was great! On Sunday, both our talks went really well. I was a little nervous sitting on the stand, but as soon as I hit the pulpit, it was easy street. I talked about the principle of having one heart and one mind. It was fun!

On Monday we had a zone meeting for a couple hours and then had a ward FHE potluck. We are really getting to know this ward so much better. We have created some bonds with some great families, which always helps this feel more like home. This is a fairly short email, but I didn't feel like going into mindless details. These next couple weeks are going to be spent hitting the pavement to find new investigators. Pray for us? We could use it.

I grow to love Andrus more and more each day. She was a little gift-wrapped present sent from God. Seriously, she keeps me sane and laughing to tears. We constantly ask ourselves, "Is it okay to be having this much fun??" Probs not, but since when did I ever care about the rules. Ha.

Ok, party hard and get crazy!
-Lovies from CA
Sister Christensen

Invitation to Church pic (we had a whole variety, I just picked this one for your viewing pleasure).

My district. It was red for unity day, so we all wore red!

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