Monday, August 13, 2012

August 7, 2012

Oh baby. What a week. Every time I looked out at the ocean, I may or may not have cursed my entire family for being on an Alaskan cruise for a family reunion. Somehow I managed to survive the homesickness and heartthrobs of not being there, and as always, my comp was a champ for helping me through it. We had many ups and downs so here it goes.

--Wednesday we hung out with one of our favorite families, the Cleveland's. Sister Cleveland is the biggest hippie I have ever met and I think Andrus and I are obsessed with her and her kids. We did service for her and learned all about her hippie ways. We can't get enough of them. It was the highlight of Wednesday.

--Thursday is going down in history as "rejection day." First we visited with a lady who left the church because of gay rights. She claims she would still be in the church if the church hadn't taken a stand on the marriage thing, but frankly she was full of it and she really hit a nerve with me....blowing past that one, we went to a guy's house named Todd. He swung open the door, shirtless, saw who we were and then closing the door slowly, whispered, "I am not interested." I was already at my wit's end from previous rejections so I essentially yelled at my companion, "WHAT DID HE SAY?!" and then we just kind of stormed off. THEN we got to a lady's house whose name is Nettie--she didn't even bother to answer the door, she just came out on her roof. In the middle of the conversation, in a thick Russian accent she said, "vell, anyvays, goodfbye"..... Rejection stings in the moment, but it's always so much more fun afterwards. We quote Nettie regularly now.

--On Friday we may have stumbled upon a drug house. The lady was for sure a hoarder, but she also seemed drunk or high and kept telling us really weird things. And there was white powder on the floor. Needless to say, it was a little sketchy and we left ASAP. That night was Cheyanne's baptism!!! It went fabulously. The program was beautiful, we had a great turn out, and I really was happy with all of it! It was probably one of my favorite baptismal services.

--On Saturday, the enormity of what we signed up for crashed down on us. We are back to square one now that Cheyanne's baptized. We had a couple potentials and leads but nothing solid. Oh baby. We kept nice and busy though and enjoyed our Saturday.

--Sunday was wonderful. A bunch of our plans fell through, but then we met some really nice people who loved us and treated us so kindly. And Monday was long. And slightly stressful! But we made it. And we laughed pretty much the entire week. Did I mention we laugh a lot? We can go from being in a fight, to laughing to tears within two minutes. It's wonderful.

Something I have learned from this week (and my entire mission) is that the gospel of Jesus Christ really is simple. It's so stinking simple and people are always muddling it up with dumb things of the world. Just have faith, which leads to a desire to be better and become more like Christ which leads to wanting to promise God stuff so he promises you stuff in return and let the Holy Ghost guide you and do it over and over and over again. Ok? Done and done. The Church is true.

Party hard
-Sister A. Christensen

District activity. We found a wheelchair and as you can imagine, we had a little too much fun with it!


Cheyanne and her husband!

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