Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011 w/ pictures!

This update is going to be a little different. I have titled this letter "A Love Hate Relationship" because I have a love hate relationship with being a missionary. I will intermix the loves and the hates so it doesn't sound too negative haha.

1. I HATE Bible bashers. I am pretty positive I have said this one before, but let me reiterate. I HATE Bible bashers. Ha, I need to start praying for more patience because I know I am going to run into many, many more Bible bashers, but oh man, they totally get under my skin. We taught a Bible basher last Wednesday.....my companion did amazing. She kept her calm and explained things and bore testimony and left feeling victorious. I, on the other hand, was awful. I was shaking I was so angry and I may or may not have been slightly mocking him within my questions. It's fairly easy to catch Bible bashers in a web that they cannot explain, but yet they still stand strong that they have a point and that we are wrong and are doomed to hell. No joke. People love to tell us they "will pray for us" and try to help us change our ways. In my head I am like, "Buddy, if you could only hear what I really want to say to you, but won't because I am a disciple of Jesus Christ...." I guess it's a good lesson in loving everyone and patience. And clearly it's a lesson I am still learning.

2. I LOVE doing service. I love doing service for people who need it. This week we did a lot of service and it was so fun. We helped clean a woman's house whose husband has cancer and they have two young daughters. Their girls are beyond adorable and I loved getting to play with them and organize and clean at the same time. Also, we helped with a ward service project, packing Thanksgiving meal bags for less fortunate. It was nice to think that these families can still have a nice Thanksgiving even when they are having hard times. Service is awesome.

3. As a missionary, I HATE the rain. It rained twice throughout the week, and when it rains it's so dreary and hard to work. I just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book and take a nice nap, but nope. Not as a missionary. My shoes were so wet and gross that I just started proselyting barefoot. I was wearing a long dress so I tried to cover my feet so no one would notice. It's just not fun at all walking around in wet shoes. But people do tend to be a little nicer when you are standing on their porch in the rain haha.

4. I LOVE my ward. There is one neighborhood, that no matter what time it is, we can find kids outside to play with. This week we have played some intense games of tag, football, racing on scooters and bikes, and lacrosse. It's so much fun because we will be playing with one family, and then another family will come out to talk, and more kids will come play, and someone else will be walking their dog, etc. We always end up talking with at least three LDS families and get a moment to relax and have fun.

5. I LOVE baptisms. Jessica got baptized on Friday night. It was awesome. I was beaming. It felt like my little girl, growing up and making the best decision ever. Haha, Jess was smiling so much - I love all the pictures because she looks so happy and we were all so happy and it was just awesome. Sister Madsen did bomb in singing and my talk was good. It was a great night! Pictures will be included. This Saturday is our next baptism with my investigator Ricky, so it should be another great weekend! Tonight we are setting the program and making the final details - yay :)

6. I HATE 6:30 am alarms. It's impossible waking up on time. My bed is so cozy and warm and nice --once I am up I am fine, but that initial getting up is painful. Although I do go to bed at 9:30, the latest 10:30, so I really shouldn't complain, but I just love my sleep.

7. I LOVE Zone Conference. We had Zone Conference yesterday from 8am-4pm. It was legit. We learn a lot and were inspired and given great advice. It was much needed.

Missionary work is a roller coaster, I love it and I hate it. The fact of the matter is that I love it MORE than I hate it so it's all well worth it. Keep rocking on and be good examples. The Church is true. Be a living example of that. Loves from CA.

-Sister Christensen

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