Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011 w/ pictures

As far as missionary work goes this week, there was little to none -- relatively speaking -- Thanksgiving was on Thursday which was basically a day spent eating. We had two Thanksgivings and three desserts. I most definitely have now gained about 12 pounds since I've been out. Harsh, but delicious. On Thanksgiving I also got to see my cousins, Josh, Tiersha, and Megan. It was so fun seeing them and it was nice getting an update on the Whitmore family.

On Saturday Sister Madsen and I decided to do it elder's style and ride bikes all day. We looked like total dorks in our helmets and skirts, but it was fun. It was close to 80 degrees so we were sweating hard core. We have some huge hills in our area which were killer. S. Madsen put the mountain bike on speed one and I was on speed five. She was peddling so fast and furious, but getting nowhere. I was already halfway up the hill, but once I started laughing it was hard to keep going. Oh my goodness it was hilarious. Another biker passed her and was like "Good job! Keep going!!" She felt like an idiot so she turned her speed up and made it up the hill. Unfortunately with riding bikes, you end up spending so much time trying to get to your appointments that you lose out on a lot of your proselyting hours. Our bums really hurt afterwards, but we would totally do it again if we were staying together.

Yes, that's right, Sister Madsen is leaving me. She is getting transfered out today. I feel really bad for the new sister coming in. Everyone loves S. Madsen and it's going to be hard to compete. After we found out on Saturday night, both Sunday and Monday were spent tying loose ends and saying goodbyes. Hence, not too much missionary work. I am really going to miss her. We have a lot of fun together and I laugh to tears at least once a day. Last night we had our last lesson with Aaron and Jessica together. The Merricks and the elders came over too, so it was a little party. We played Apples to Apples, ate a million cookies, and played only the funniest game known to man, the slap game. I have video evidence of how funny it is, but I don't know how to upload it?  Anyway, it was a really good last hurrah together. She will be missed.

This is probably my shortest and least inspiring letter written, but missionary work took a back burner to holidays and friendship. I promise it won't happen again....at least until Christmas. I have just started reading "Jesus the Christ" and already I am learning so much. If you decide to try it, make sure you have a dictionary nearby -- he uses a lot of tricky words. Anyway, the Church is still true! Spread the gospel and be good examples. I love you all cause you are all children of God! Holla!

-Sister Christensen

The elders made us have district meeting on Thanksgiving so I made them all Indian headdresses with appropriate names to match. Ha, they were all willing to wear them the whole meeting, it was funny!

Us in our dorky helmets. Don't hate.

There is a house all decked out and it shoots out bubble-snow. It was so fun! We love seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations. People go big here - it's awesome.

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