Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 8, 2011

I am such a wimp. It's getting "cold" here in sunny California (aka 60's at the lowest) and I am freezing my lil bum off! Finally, yesterday, the women we stay with turned the heat on. I was sleeping with three, yes THREE, comforters. Every time we go from a house to the car, I have to let out a "I'm cold" screech which my companion loves (jk, she really hates it, but I can't help it! I hate being cold!) I want it to stay warmm!!!!

Ok onto the week. I have a couple funny stories:

Wednesday, Sister Madsen and I went to check out a referral we had been given. We knocked on the door and this older man comes to the door and invites us in immediately (we hadn't even introduced ourselves). We were really confused but we never turn down friendly people so we went inside. His wife comes out and is sooo nice. She is telling us about her dog, Charles, and about her daughter's recent wedding and all this stuff and we are just smiling and talking, but both of us are still thinking, "Wow these people are so friendly...how do they know us?!" So after playing with Charles for a while, she's like, "So you must be here to see George!" and I said, "Who's George?" (Sister Madsen was like, "We are??") and she laughed and was like (in a you're-so-silly-you-know-who-George-is-tone), "Who's George? This is George!"....Both Sister Madsen and I were thinking George was another animal, but no, George is their sick grandpa...Now we are reallllyyyy confused. But still we continue to play along and start talking with George! Finally I bring up the Church and we find out that they thought we were the nurses coming in to take a look at George because he is sick. AWKWARD! Yeah, as soon as we got out of there we died laughing. It was funny.

Later that day we had sister exchanges. Sister Hermanson came into my area and Sister Madsen went into their area. It was.....hard being away from Sister Madsen. Sister Hermanson was, what we like to call, an extreme white handbook. Sister Madsen and I are generally very obedient, but there are some rules we are not good at (like holding babies, chewing gum, etc). In an effort to be positive and nice, I will say that it was an educational experience and I was very happy to get Sister Madsen back on Thursday, as was she.

Thursday we taught Activity Days for the kids 8-11. It was a lot of fun. We set up a "day in the life of a missionary" relay race, which was so cute! The little girls loved it and it was a fun change to our schedule.

Friday was lame.

Saturday I had a great personal study. Read D&C (Doctrine & Covenants) 6. It's legit. Also we did more tracting in one day than we have in like 8 weeks. Not so fun, but the weather was beautiful which made it easy and fun to be outside. Second funny story: We have a list of former investigators that we go visit. So we drive to one house, get out of the car, go knock, no answer, so we get back in the car. We buckled our seat belts, pulled out the map, turned on the car, and Sister Madsen was like, "Where to next?", I tell her the address, she starts driving only to realize that the house was only two doors down. I died laughing. We must have looked like the biggest idiots to put on our seat belts, get all prepared and then drive two houses over. That night we attended a baptism and then had a late dinner.

Sunday was fast Sunday. We had the best apple pie I have ever tasted at our dinner appointment. Seriously it was amazing. She is going to teach me how to make it.

Monday was sort of lame. We both weren't in the mood. But we did have a fun dinner and played Phase Ten.  I won for the record. And then we had a great lesson with Jess and Aaron. Jess's baptism is on Friday! We are really excited. On Sunday I was introducing her to some people and I said she was our investigator, but that felt so wrong. She is my friend! I love her and Aaron and baby Oliver! They seriously help make this experience even more worth it. I am speaking at the baptism. I am nervous, but it will be fun. Sister Madsen is singing.

Ricky has her baptismal date for the 19th so hopefully that will happen as well!

Hope everyone is doing well. Write me!

Sister Christensen

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