Friday, May 11, 2012

May 1, 2012 w/ pictures

It was a great week! Oh man, so many adventures:

Tuesday was a fabulous P-day. My companion and I went on a fun little hike and got to see the beach! It's funny because we totally forget that there is even a beach here - it's literally 10 minutes away but we never see it. It was so fun and I cannot wait to come back and actually go to the beach. On our hike, I ran into a cactus. It didn't hurt very much at first and then throughout the day it got worse and worse. There were three raised bumps on my knee and the entire area was very sore and tender. I have no idea how a cactus caused that to happen, but oh my heck, it hurt! We also ate trout for the very first time. It wasn't bad--a bit like salmon.

Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with my trainer, Sister Madsen!!!! It was seriously the best ever! Oh man, I have missed that girl. We met up at Chili's for lunch and then I went into Sister Madsen's area. I loved it because I got to see how she has changed, and all the people she is working with, etc. It was a blast. Seriously. (My knee was even worse when I woke up and Madsen was making fun of me all day. I couldn't sit still because in every position it was throbbing.) We had a bunch of back-to-back appointments, and at one of them we set a baptismal date! The Spirit was seriously on fire and just directing us what to say and he said yes, after being taught for a long time. It. was. awesome. She has so many cool people in her area. I loved it.

Thursday was FULL of adventures. First we went to this crazy lady's house. She is so cute and little and seems so....cute and little and then BAM, she brings out all these nasty dead animals that she keeps in her freezer. We got to see them up close and too personal. She has a dead rat, crow, bats, bunny, possum, and a dead lizard. It stunk!!! It was hilarious. Madsen and I were throwing each other looks every time she looked away. She also feeds a coyote every morning and has bats living in her shutters. Gotta love crazy old ladies and their dead and alive animals. Later, Madsen took me to this insane house that was completely decked out with like a 20 ft Elvis statue and old phone booths and a ton of stuff. It has a huge "Heartbreak Hotel" sign in the front and Hollywood signs all over. We knocked on the door and asked for a tour and he gave us one! It was so crazy. He built the house from the ground up and it is probably worth millions of dollars. He has movie theater chairs and a ton of autographed photos and little sections dedicated to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and a ton of other dead famous people. It was fascinating! We took a couple pictures but it doesn't do it justice at all.

Later we had lunch at a gluten free little deli place that was super cute and family owned. My mom would love it. Then Madsen and I did service for a lady in a trailer park who literally hardly took a breath when talking to us...we maybe said 10 words each. Ha. We switched companions back at 4--it was sad but I am so happy it happened! Then Workoff and I had appointments all night with all our regulars.

Friday was weekly planning, and meetings, and then appointments. Our Relief Society President came out with us and we went into Fallbrook for a couple hours to see some less actives. At our 6pm appointment we had to kind of let go the investigator because she is a hard-core Catholic and her heart is not in it at all. It was sad because I would love to see her change for the better, but it became too much and we are done with her. It was a beautiful night though and we walked around and talked with people.

Saturday was Mormon Helping Hands, day of service. We left at seven a.m. and did service until 1 p.m. It was really fun! Our whole stake was involved with the project and all the missionaries got to go. We helped paint tables and then carried 5 gallon buckets of water all over to water the newly planted trees. My arms were hurtin by the end, and we got a little sun which I was fine with. Later we did a bunch of contacting, had dinner, and went to Peppertree for ice cream. According to everyone who lives in Vista, if you come to Vista you must go to Peppertree--it was good! And now I can say I have gone! Also the Spanish sisters and us had a dance party once we all got home! It was so fun! We danced for like 45 minutes! I missed dancing!

Sunday we were at the church from 8am to 5pm, like always. We had a great dinner appointment and then had FHE with a family who I really like.

Monday - I finally got mail from people which made me so happy - and then we went to lunch at this place called "The Yellow Deli." It's run by a religious group called the 12 Tribes of Israel and it's super cool. When my family comes to CA, I will most definitely take them there. The atmosphere is really nice and We had appointments all day and by 9pm I was exhausted!

Today we woke up and played basketball with our Relief Society which was so fun and a great workout. I love it! It should be another great week! The Church is true people! Pce and blessings from CA!

Love, Sister Christensen

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