Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 8, 2012 w/ pictures!

What a week. What a week. It was a long week. A bit exhausting. In fact, really exhausting that I would prefer not to revisit it, but for the sake of all my devoted and loyal readers I will try and give you a little idea of what the week was like.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were good. We set a baptismal date with an eight-year-old we are teaching, Macey. She doesn't count as an investigator because she is that special age of eight, and it drives me nuts that it doesn't count, but whatever. She is a diva and says the best prayers and is working towards a baptism in June. We are stoked. Her mom was raised in the Church and left when she was 16. It's been rough goings for them, and to see and hear the change taking place in their lives only deepens my testimony that the gospel is so true and blesses everyone. We did some service and searched in vain for new investigators.

Friday was great too. A woman we are teaching, Schennelle, left the Church when she was 16 too. She married a non-member and has three kids. Back in January she was getting fed up with the Church trying to reactivate her and recently asked that she not be bothered anymore. Well, the Young Women President received revelation to extend her a calling in the Young Women's (which is unheard of if you are not even active in the Church...) So the bishopric prayed long and hard about it and just stopped at her house and asked her. She immediately broke down in tears and accepted and has been active for about two or three months now. We finally got to visit her and we asked why she said yes to the calling. She didn't really know why, but she felt overwhelmed and happy and just said it. As she shared her story the Spirit was undeniable. It was a really cool experience and we are soo happy to get to teach her (and later on, her whole familyyy!!)

We had a nice night, ate delicious carne asada, and did splits for the night.

Saturday was probably my hardest day. We have been dying for new investigators. We had a bunch of potential investigators set up and every one of them fell through. I hit rock bottom. I was so discouraged. Seriously, the Lord carried me throughout the day. On Sunday, to make matters worse, my mission president looks me straight in the eye and says, "Let's find a family to baptize into this ward"...I wanted to reply, "Let's kick Amy when she's down, huh?" I cried. Ha, lets acknowledge that i do not cry nearly as much as I used to - in fact Sunday was probably my first time since transfers happened. Anyway, President felt really bad. I pulled myself together and put on a happy face for Church. Ever heard the saying, "Fake it till you make it"? Yeh, it works. The rest of the Sabbath was good - I love my wards.

Monday Heavenly Father threw me a bone. First I got some sweet letters from loving friends and family, and then we picked up an investigator. I am not getting my hopes up about it, but it just helped remind me that at any point this area could turn around and become fruitful, I just need to have the faith. We taught a bunch of lessons and picked up some PI's [potential investigators] which furthered my hope. It's the sixth week of the transfer, aka transfer calls come on Saturday. I literally have no idea if I am staying or if I am's 50/50. My ideal would be to stay, but I know that I will get put where I need to be.

I still love my mission despite not being allowed to take away people's agency so we can teach them truth and allow them to partake of eternal life and exaltation.......if only......

Anyway, pce and blessings from cloudy, gloomy California (seriously, it's been cloudy and gloomy for days!! Where is my sun?!)

Sister Christensen

P.S. Shout out to my Mama, Happy Birthday -- I love you bunches ---- t-minus 5 days until I get to talk with you!!

District activity light saber fights

My district (minus the AP's cause they never show up)

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