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May 22, 2012 w/ pictures

Did I mention in my last email that it's miracle transfer? And obedience transfer? Haha, my companion and I decided to make this transfer something special (all should be special, but this one in particular because it's probably my last one in Vista). We have quotes and our wall is covered in little markers to check off when we do awesome stuff and we record a miracle of the week....anyway, it seriously is miracle transfer and it was a fabulous week. Let me start from the beginning.

Wednesday we had district meeting. Our district leader had the idea for us to all take a field trip to the chapel and just sit in silence. I have never done this before and it was a really good experience. I never realized how strong the Spirit is in that room. Seriously, I felt so overwhelmed at what that room represents and how sacred it is. I don't think we give it enough respect and reverence. I have been going to the church my whole life and have been in the chapel thousands of time, but this time was different. It made me re-evaluate what I do and say within those walls. I loved the peace and comfort I felt sitting there in silence and reflecting on what life is all about. We walked back to our meeting room and there was a noticeable difference in the power of the Spirit. It was a great exercise.

Later that day, we had a chaotic lesson with two recent converts who were babysitting three children. We seriously were playing tug of war with the Spirit. It was like pulling teeth!! We wanted to bring the Spirit in and have a powerful lesson (which was much needed) but, in the end, we bore our testimonies and called it a day. Haha, can't win them alll right? We had some great lessons for the remainder of the day.

Thursday was the best day ever. Let me sum it up in a few words:
-Teaching an awesome recent convert? Check
-Setting a baptismal date with our awesome new investigator, Adan? Check
- Picking up two new investigators? Check
- Having a sweet, member-present lesson with the possibility of another new investigator? Check
- Seeing the fruits of our labor? Check.

Best. Day. Ever. My favorite part was Adan's baptismal date. We brought up baptism and he immediately said, "I don't think I will ever be baptized again." I felt very strongly that it was the day to invite him to be baptized and that he was ready for it. So we shared our lesson and bore our testimonies and then we asked him the big question, "Will you, Adan, follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?"....he paused and it was like the Spirit forced it out of him, he was like, "Yes. I will. I know I need to be baptized by proper authority." It was amazing. We set the date for June 23rd. We are praying hard core for him. You can pray for him too if you want...He needs the prayers. He has such an amazing spirit - he is like stake president status. It was bomb.

Friday was epic as well, haha, but for different reasons. We got up at 6:30 am, like normal, got ready and went out for a run. Some days I take a basketball with me and dribble and run, and today was one of those days. So I'm running, I'm dribbling, the ball hits a corner, I lunge for it, and smack. Face to concrete, full body sprawled out on the ground. Blood and ripped skin. And it was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Probably deserves the fall of the year award and not a single person saw it. So. Sad. I laughed till I cried at least five times throughout the day. When someone's face hits the ground, you know it's a good fall. I wish I could reenact this for people, but instead I will just show you a picture of the damage. And for the last four days I have been asked who punched me in the face. Which has been super annoying but whatever. The remainder of the day was not nearly as exciting - we planned, we did service, and we taught lessons.

Saturday was also just another day in the neighborhood. We contacted (and got severely sunburned.....) We visited formers, we had a couple good lessons, and we just did missionary stuff.

Sunday was great because we had Elder Kearon of the Seventy come to our stake to reorganize the Stake Presidency. He is a fabulous speaker and has an English accent, which is to die for. My favorite take away message, "The race in this life is not against one another, it is a race against sin." (I love to pretend like I am a warrior, fighting the battle of good and evil and good is winning. I will expand on this at another time.)

Monday was wonderful as well. We had zone conference, which is so inspiring and makes me want to work harder and be better. During the conference I felt prompted that we needed to visit a specific referral that night. After a delicious dinner, I was tired and just wanted to go to YSA FHE [Young Single Adult Family Home Evening] and try the referral later, but God had other plans. We went to the house and knocked and the wife answered. We got to talking to her about dogs and one thing led to another and we were there for THREE hours. Her husband came home and joined our discussion. They had 101 questions about the Mormon faith. They are very open to what we have to say and we officially picked up a family of investigators. It was very cool and we were so stoked on life afterwards.

Funny story for the week: During contacting we play a game where we give each other a word and we have to use that word in a contact (when we randomly talk to people on the street). So a man is approaching and I am like, "Sister Workoff, what is my word?" and right as we are about at him, she says, "Fall" (as in the season). So I am talking to him and sweating bullets because I am competitive and really want to use this word in the contact, but have know idea how to do it so I say, "Yeah, just check out It's all about people who love Jesus Christ, no matter what season it is - winter, spring, summer, or fall!" The tone and way I said it made it way funnier. He was like, "Ehhh...yeah ok....." After that we decided to start using religious words to make it a bit more spiritual. Haha, it def. helped keep things interesting though.

My hands are tired of typing. I love missionary work.
The Church is true. Party hard.

Love, Sister Christensen

The wounds were way worse the next day. They were all red and scabs were forming.

Also at zone conference, my district leader had to do a special musical number and I had to play the piano! I was so nervous! But it went well and this is almost my whole district at zone conference.

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