Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 24, 2012 w/ pictures!

It was such a missionary week. Like, literally, just missionary work work work alllll week long. Some of you may interpret this as being a bad thing, but it wasn't, it was great, but I just don't really feel like I have much to report on. I'll give you a brief overview.

Tuesday: We taught the Mieures - normally we stay a little over an hour, but last week we were there almost three hours talking about the Plan of Salvation. And Dani kept getting distracted and I am a talker, so we were there much longer than we needed to be, but I love the Mieures so whatever.

Wednesday we had appointments all day.

Thursday we had appointments all day.

Friday we had weekly planning and appointments all day.

Saturday we contacted for the greater part of the morning, and then we went on splits. I love my YSA Relief Society President, Jenny. She is my little therapist. I went out with her while my comp went out with another YSA girl. Jenny served a mission so she understands very well the emotional roller coaster of a mission. In one day I go from full out depression because people can be so disappointing, to the most joyful and excitement because we get a referral or a lesson goes really well. It. is. exhausting. Anyway, splits were great, and later that night we had Mormon movie night with the Mieures.

Sunday was wonderful. We had a lot of people to talk to and visit and set up a bunch of appointments and it was great. I love me my Sundays.

Monday we had appointments all day. And for FHE we played competitive musical chairs. It got down to me and this really competitive guy who loves to win. If you know me, you know that I love winning as well. I am almost positive it would have turned into a wrestling match for the chair, so I had an elder step in for me haha. He lost. Whatever.

I promise that every one of those days where we had appointments all day were fantastic. I love my area, I love serving two wards, I love keeping busy, and mostly I love seeing the changes come out in people as they embrace the gospel and let the light of Christ shine through their eyes. It's fabulous.

I finally remembered my camera cord, so here is an update of all the pictures I haven't sent. Love you all. Party hard.

The Church is still true.

-Sister Christensen

We went on a flashlight Easter egg hunt with the Mieure's.

My companion made us all Easter breakfast and we exchanged baskets!

We went to a conference and I got a picture with all my past and present companions!

Temple trip. It is beyond beautiful!

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