Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 15, 2012 w/ pictures

I tried hard all week long, NOT to think about getting to call home for Mother's Day, and for the most part I did pretty well.

We had a fantastic day of shopping last Tuesday which always brightens my spirits - I found five items and every one of them was way marked down so I didn't even spend very much money. I believe I have said this before, but I'll say it again, I am addicted to shopping. Also on Tuesday we started teaching a 14 yr and 15 yr old. Teenagers are almost harder than kids because they have attitudes and get bored easily. We decided to come up with fun lessons to really keep their focus. We had the two girls dress up as Nephi and Lehi and we acted out the first 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon. It was pretty fun, and they enjoyed it, so it was a success. Next week we are building boats out of clay and talking about the iron rod. I am excited.

Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons throughout the day. We also went on splits at night which was fun. I love getting to do splits with my Relief Society President, Jennie, because she served a mission and knows exactly how I feel. She gives good advice and is also game to help in any way. I hope I am as awesome to missionaries as she is to us one day.

Thursday was another fun day of lessons. We continued to teach our new investigator, Adian - he is really cool and seems open and ready for a change in his life. We also did service and had dinner and a fun lesson with the Mieure's. Dani is pregnant and loves food so we brought brownies. We showed her the brownie and she was all excited until we sprinkled dirt on it. The point was that even the tiniest bit of dirt makes the brownie undesirable, just like standards. For instance, a movie can be awesome and wonderful, but one inappropriate scene can make it bad. It was about making our standards high and doing our best at all times. It was a fun lesson.

Friday was weekly planning! Gotta love sitting around the house all day, talking about what we are going to do for the next week. It can be overwhelming and exhausting, but once we finish we are happy. We had lessons and a lame night.

Saturday was great. We kept busy. We were disappointed in not finding new people to teach, but thankful to have the people we do have. Also we got transfer calls.....I'M STAYING!!!! I was 50/50 whether I would stay or go, but I wanted to stay and I am! We were very happy about that!

Sunday. Oh baby. Sunday was suchhh a roller coaster. So many things went south and so many things went north. I'll start with the bad....People are selfish. It's a fact. Everyone is the center of their own universe. People don't understand (especially young people) that as missionaries we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. We are actually called by GOD. Not just any old guy....God. We are doing his work and are expected to bring salvation to everyone. We have the help of the Holy Ghost, but it's still my face people reject and are rude to and make angry. People are also naive. They don't understand that the decisions they are making right now have eternal consequences and significance. And in being a missionary, we get the privilege of seeing alll of it....the good, the bad, and the ugly. And it can be soooo hardddd. I just want to take people's agency away and force them to choose the right and be good and sometimes they don't want to. Even when they say they do.

Sorry this is so ambiguous, but I don't want to be specific. The basic message is that Sunday was full of disappointments and I have been waiting for Sunday since December 25th, so I was more upset than normal. Getting to talk to my family was fabulous. I love my family 1000 percent. They are awesome. We had so much fun and it just made me so happy!

Monday was thankfully really busy. We needed to be busy because otherwise we just would have been trunky for our families. We taught a lesson in the morning, and three in the afternoon. We also tracted for the first time in months. I hate tracting and it's not very effective. Out of 20 doors, maybe four opened. It's just not fun, but we are trying to expand our finding ideas. We had a fun FHE and played pig ball.

The Church is still true! Party hard
-Sister Christensen

On our appointment with Dani we all wrote down one of our weaknesses and burned them (like in the story of Ammon where the Anti-Nephi-Lehis buried their weapons of war and never turned back to wickedness....we were going to bury them, but we didn't want people to see them so we burned them instead).

Talking to my family!! So much fun! My family is pretty attractive!

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